Hey there, you busy little bee! Want to discover what Percolate Kitchen is all about? It's the kitchen resource for busy people, and I think you'll love it.

Trying to figure out what this Percolate Kitchen thing is all about?

Let me first see if you’re who I think you are.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You often find yourself staring into the fridge at 5 pm in a panic, thinking, “Crap, what are we eating for dinner!?”
  • You know you should probably write out a meal plan (doesn’t everyone tell you to!?) but knowing how to effectively meal plan is a totally different animal. And every week, your best-laid plans fall flat.
  • You routinely find yourself throwing out random things from your fridge that have been there so long you’re scared to even check the expiration date.
  • At one time you enjoyed cooking, or at least you didn’t dread it. Now, you’re pressed for time, likely with small people clinging to your ankles, and you wish those meal delivery kits you hear about came with a personal chef.

If any of this remotely sounds like you, then friend, you and I have got a lot in common. I totally get feeling like you’re being stretched in 10 different directions!

I’m a busy working mom with two small kids and a husband who works long hours.

I feel this meme in my soul:

Hey, what's this Percolate thing all about, anyway? If you're a busy person who's trying to find time to cook and failing, then here's why you're gonna LOVE this site.

You know what the crazy part is? I’m a chef by trade!

I’ve been in the restaurant and hospitality industry in one form or another for almost 20 years now. Currently, I’m a freelance recipe tester, recipe developer, and cooking instructor.

But you know what? I never felt like I ever had any time to actually cook for my family! Recipe testing is fun, but it’s not always applicable to your daily life. As much as my kids would be thrilled to do so, we’re not eating 8 different version of a tested coffee cake for dinner. #recipetesterproblems

I was getting tired of a fridge full of ingredients, with no time or plan to do anything with them. We were spending too much on takeout at the end of a long day. In the grocery store, I would just throw whatever sounded good into my cart and our grocery bills were getting ridiculous. And if I defrosted another chicken tender for my toddler, I was going to scream.

So I sat down, and I taught myself how to effectively meal plan.

I tried a number of different approaches (with mixed results) until I had an awesome system nailed down. With this new plan, I could utilize what was in my kitchen already without needing a lot of steps or new groceries. And I started developing more fresh, simple recipes I could put together easily, with or without kids hanging off of me.

Once my tactics started working, I felt like I’d won the Mom Olympics! I was seeing a difference in our wallet and my stress level. My toddler was trying new foods, purposefully cooked, not something tossed on a plate because I was too tired to care.

When I spoke to other parent friends and busy professionals I knew, I would hear the same complaints I’d had.

Too tired. Too stretched. Such long days, with no time to spend in the kitchen. I wanted a way to share my new ideas, meal planning tips, and simple recipes with other busy people, both parents and non-parents alike.

So I took my new tactics and combined them with what I knew from years of cooking instruction, recipe developing and testing.

I started making handy, shareable, printable guides like these:

“Don’t Throw It Out!” Repurposing Leftover Ingredients

Caring For Your Cast Iron Pan

Your ‘Must-Have’ Kitchen Gadget Arsenal

And simple, easy, flavorful recipes like these:

30 Minute Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

20 Minute Sheet Pan Korean BBQ Salmon with Bok Choy

Extra-Cheesy Spaghetti Squash Casserole

And before I knew it, Percolate Kitchen had been born.

I’m so thrilled you’re here.

Truly! I believe in my heart that you, too can conquer your kitchen, get on top of meal planning, and make a difference in your life. I believe you’ll see smaller grocery receipts, a fatter wallet, lighter workload, and less kitchen stress. Cooking and meal planning doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ll help show you the way!

(psst – want to give me a heads up as to what you REALLY need?)

Plus! Every Saturday morning I send my subscribers fresh inspiration for their kitchens, with a recipe they can make that night. And every new subscriber immediately receives a free Meal Planning Bundle – with a weekly template, recipe ideas, family recipe cheat sheet, and pantry checklist. It’s SO helpful, and my most popular download on the site! You can grab your copy right there below my signature. 


You are the bee’s knees, you know that? I hope you love it here!

Happy eating!