9 Simple Ideas For Small Kitchen Organization

Finding solutions for your small kitchen organization doesn't have to be difficult - and it doesn't mean you need to hire a contractor, either! Here are 9 super simple, DIY and budget ideas for organizing your kitchen, pantry and cooking space

The pain of figuring out small kitchen organization solutions is something I know all too well.

Since moving out of my parent’s house, I’ve lived in approximately 15 homes; exactly one of those had a big, spacious kitchen. The rest have all been…. eclectic.

Maybe ‘itsy-bitsy’ is a more appropriate word?

In any case, I’m no stranger to figuring out small kitchen organization and working with tiny amounts of counter space, itty-bitty cabinets, and fridges that would feel at home in a college dorm.

And yet – I’ve worked as a freelance, at-home recipe tester, and recipe developer for almost 7 years now, all within a tiny kitchen. I’ve cooked full Thanksgiving dinners for 15 with only 3 feet of counter space

I’ve never been one to let a tiny kitchen area get in the way of my cooking.

And you know what? Kitchen organization simply comes down to being creatively utilizing what you already have!

So with that, I’ve scoured the interwebs to come up with 9 of the coolest ideas I could find for organizing your small kitchen space, without hiring a contractor or storing pots and pans in your bedroom.

Make sure to click on each photo and description to check out the full posts so you can get all the juicy details.





Make the Most of Your Kitchen

A few months ago, I wrote a series of posts demonstrating how you can ‘make the most of your kitchen’. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a huge farmhouse kitchen, or just a wall with a fridge, a stove, and a small counter; with a few tips, the right appliances, and some simple know-how, I’ll show you how you can make any small kitchen organization ‘hack’ work for your space.

I’ve compiled the posts and their accompanying recipes (there are 22!) into this simple, free ebook – click to check it out here and download it to your phone for easy reading!



Tips to Keep Plastic Containers Organized In The Kitchen

Ellen over at Confessions of an Overworked Mom put together a great post about best practices for storing your plastic and glass food containers. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who sometimes finds storage options of our food containers to be the bane of my existence!

Ellen has a few simple tips for what to look for in storage options, what to keep and throw away, and the best ways you can store those food containers without losing your mind or being buried under plastic lids.

What Is Mise en Place? Preparing Your Kitchen

Shelley from TwoHealthyKitchens is a woman after my own heart. I learned the importance of mise en place while in cooking school and it’s still a habit that I’m glad to have; it makes cooking meals so much easier and faster.

I love Shelley’s words: ” In the 15 years that I’ve had kids, I have rarely cooked an uninterrupted meal. Plan on it – and embrace mise en place as the key to cooking sanity.” Hear, hear, girlfriend! Mise en place is a total sanity saver. Check out the rest of Shelley’s post here. 


How to Clean Your Oven (Without Using the Self Cleaning Feature) 

Jessica at AllSheCooks has broken it down here, with tips on how to clean your oven the right way, without using the self-cleaning oven feature.

I too have fallen victim to the self-cleaning oven dream; that is until I used the feature at my mother’s house and her kitchen filled with smoke. Whoops!

Make sure to also check out her tips for cleaning the top of a gas stove; especially those hard to clean hob grates!



Stocking a Kid Pantry

This idea from Christina at the ShirleyJourney is so smart, it’s the first idea on this list that I plan on fully implementing right away. She’s taken a small bathroom cupboard and turned it into a kid’s snack center! What’s more, she has a great idea for making sure her 4-year-old doesn’t blow through the snacks in a day; I’m thinking I may have to take her up on that idea as well.

She’s taken a small bathroom cupboard and turned it into a kid’s snack center! What’s more, she has a great idea for making sure that even with free access to his snacks, her 4-year-old doesn’t blow through the whole stash in a day; I’m thinking I may have to take her up on that idea as well. What’s more, it helps solve the small kitchen organization problem by moving some of the snacks from the cupboard and into their own designated area.

Organize Your Pantry: Tips From Readers 

Nicole from MomSavesMoney asked her readers how they organize their pantry… and they had some great ideas! I never knew all the ways you could use an over-the-door shoe organizer, but clearly, it’s smart.

However, my all-time fave idea on this list is from her reader Nikki S.: her meal planning idea is cheap and genius! Simply organize your dry goods items in dollar store tubs designated for each day of the week…. it’s so smart. Click through to the post to see what I mean.

Secrets Big Families Use to Stay Organized in the Kitchen 

Sarah from Must Have Mom has what is possibly the cutest kitchen in Minnesota.

She’s put together a handful of great ideas for a kitchen command center, keeping all-important garbage bags at the ready, a menu board, I’m loving her super smart way she keeps from having to wash a thousand kids’ cups every day.

DIY Drawer Organizers 

If you’re like me, you probably have a crapton of Amazon boxes lying around. Or cereal boxes. Or diaper boxes! Damjana from AppleGreenCottage has such a cute, cheap (free!) idea for turning your old cardboard boxes into free drawer organizers and drawer dividers.

These would be handy for keeping a junk drawer or random utensil drawer a little less haphazard!

DIY Spice Rack Without Using Counter Space 

Leanna from Faeries and Fauna Craft Co has put together this crazy-helpful DIY tutorial for building a spice rack on the inside door of your pantry! I love that this means you can just glance at your spices without having to dig around.

There you have it; 9 super easy ways to organize your small kitchen and pantry spaces like the boss you are.

Honestly, I thought I was kind of on top of my own kitchen organization, but after finding all these ideas, I’m pretty sure I’ve got more work to do! Don’t forget to follow my Kitchen Organization board on Pinterest, and if you’ve got some great kitchen organization ideas that the world needs to know about, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

39+ Kid-Approved After School Snack and Lunch Box Ideas


It isn’t always easy finding snacks and lunch box ideas that kids will eat, so I’ve rounded up some ideas from a couple of my fave food bloggers to help inspire you!

When my daughter (now 3) was a baby, she ate everything. It was great! I felt like the best mom ever, smugly feeding her all kinds of foods and saying things like, “Oh, it’s just what she’s used to!”

Now, with a mind of her own and a beautifully stubborn attitude to match, she would be thrilled to live on a diet of goldfish crackers and air. I’m hoping this is all a phase and just trying to go with the flow. In the meantime, though, I’m on a constant search for healthy-ish, tasty, quick and easy meals and snacks I can make for her that won’t wind up cast aside by her, ah, discerning palate.

Want to see more ideas for lunch box ideas and after school snacks?

Click to follow my Pinterest board, Baby and Kid Approved! It’s full of quick and simple kid-friendly meal ideas, and I add new stuff to it all the time.

On to the meal ideas!

Peanut Butter, Banana, and Nutella Pastries by Percolate Kitchen

With just five ingredients and 25 minutes, these flaky, sweet little Peanut Butter, Banana, and Nutella Pastries are the easiest dessert ever.

Apple Cookies by NaturBaker 

Kid-Approved Snack Ideas from The Messy Little Kitchen

20 Freezer Friendly Lunchbox Items from Kidgredients

Super Creamy Macaroni and Cheese from Percolate Kitchen

Pick-and-Choose Kid’s Packed Lunch Chart from Percolate Kitchen

Use these ideas to make your kid's packed lunch even faster! Pick one food item from each section. There's even space to add in your own favorites!

Chocolate Banana Cupcake Muffins from NaturBaker 

Annnnnd, in case you missed it, I just featured Back to School Lunch Week on the Percolate Kitchen Facebook Page!

You can find all my lunch related posts on Facebook, including recipe videos, Facebook Live, even a gif of me and peanut butter (really!)

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This Is The Best Way to Begin Meal Planning, If You’ve Never Done It Before

I used to think meal planning was a waste of time. Wrong! Read on for steps you can follow to begin meal planning, the easy way!

I used to think meal planning was a waste of time. Wrong! Once I nailed meal planning, our lives got easier! Read on to find the steps you can take that will get you planning like a meal planning master.

Real talk: I used to think meal planning was stupid and a waste of time.

When it came right down to it, my biggest problem was that I really didn’t know where to even begin meal planning:

What if I didn’t want to eat what I had planned?

What if I made too much food?

What if we decided to meet friends that night instead?

What if something else sounded better at the grocery store? 

Couldn’t I just wing it?

Now, I look back at myself and laugh; meal planning has, if anything, made my life easier! Now I know what I will be spending that week at the grocery store, I know what we’re having for dinner that night, and I know just how I can ‘pivot’ to a different dish if something comes up or we change our minds last minute.

While I thought meal planning was hemming me in, it was really freeing me up in ways I could never have expected.

I’ve been writing on this page about just how I plan meals for our week since I started it, in 2016. But my meal planning journey began after my first daughter began eating solid food, when I was tired of throwing meals together at the end of an already long day, and hated how I would sometimes reach for the easiest thing to give her when I didn’t feel like cooking (she ate a lot of banana and avocado dinners back then)

In this post, I’ll be dropping all that knowledge into one big, fat list.

If you’re new to meal planning, there’s info here to get you going. If you’re in a rut, I got you covered there, too. And if you just need some inspo to figure out what the heck you’re actually cooking this week, I have cheat sheets and idea lists galore!

Picky Eaters? Here are 13 Quick and Easy Kid Friendly Recipes!

If you're struggling to find meals your picky eaters will enjoy, look no further! I've compiled a great list of quick and easy recipes your kids will love. If you're struggling to find meals your picky eaters will enjoy, look no further! I've compiled a great list of quick and easy recipes your kids will love.

If you're struggling to find meals your picky eaters will enjoy, look no further! I've compiled a great list of quick and easy recipes your kids will love.

Struggling to find easy meals your kids will eat? Here’s a great list of quick and easy recipes, made especially for picky eaters!

When I was a new mom, and my daughter was just starting to eat solids, I spent a lot of time patting myself on the back for raising such a good eater. “She eats everything!” I bragged. Then she turned 3. And now? Picky eaters ain’t got nothing on this kid.

With her, it’s a lot more about controlling what she eats instead of telling me what she doesn’t like – this is a typical toddler/preschooler thing, and in most cases, I just roll with it. But that doesn’t mean we get to escape the same mealtime struggles that others with picky eaters get to experience!

So I sat down and began compiling a list of tasty, quick, and easy recipes that I thought she would happily dig into. I have zero time or patience for cutting sandwiches into butterflies or whatever other super-cute ideas you see on Pinterest, but I am always down for cooking a recipe that doesn’t take too long and tastes delicious.

And now you get to reap the benefits of my searching! (more…)

9 Best Quick and Easy Cookbooks Every Busy Cook Needs

Need some inspiration for dinner this week? Here are some of my favorite cookbooks, full of quick and easy options for dinner tonight!

I have somewhat of a cookbook problem.  That is, if  owning four shelves worth of cookbooks can be considered a “problem”. Secretly, I adore each and every one and I’m always on the hunt for more. This is especially true if it’s a quick and easy cookbook. It’s like I can’t help myself; as soon as I find a new one promising me flavorful recipes in half the time, then pop! Into the cart it goes!

I thought I would create a little list of my all-time favorite quick and easy cookbooks. These are all cookbooks I love and adore, and I hope you will, too! I’ll even let you n on my fave recipes from each so you can get a little more of a taste.

Got an awesome cookbook that didn’t make the list? Hit me up on Facebook and let me know your favorites!  (more…)

23 Quick and Easy Vegan and Vegetarian Dinners

If you’re looking for quick and easy vegan and vegetarian recipes to make for dinner, fast – then look no further!

I’ve reached into the far corners of the foodie interwebs and assembled this awesomely huge list for you all today. Most of these recipes are ready in under 30 minutes, from start to finish!

Meat-free, fresh and tasty, super easy and quick to make. Yep – I think you’re gonna love these. (more…)