Tools I Use

From time to time I recommend tools, products, or services that I think are beneficial, time-saving, and easy to use. If I’m recommending it, it’s because I genuinely love it!

If I’m an affiliate for some of these products and services, or if I’ve been sponsored by a particular brand or company, I’m always clear about that at the top of the page or post. Again – I’m only an affiliate and accept sponsorship for things I believe in! You can read my disclosure and disclaimer about affiliates and sponsorships here.¬†


Recommended Books:

Need some inspiration for a quick and easy dinner this evening? Here's a list of the 9 best cookbooks for the busy cook, with recommended recipes for each!









Cookbook Giveaways

(Each month, I give away one cookbook to a Percolate subscriber. If you’d like to know when the next giveaway is, sign up here for updates)

'Clean Eating Slow Cooker' GIVEAWAY!

The Wellness Mama Cookbook is over easy-to-prepare 200 recipes and I am loving it! Enter here for a chance to win your own copy in this cookbook giveaway!









You'll never believe which of these summer foodie essentials is the best bang for your buck! Check out this collection of fun foodie finds from



Services and Programs

My favorite grocery delivery service! Click the image to receive $25 off your first two deliveries over $99. Offer good for new members only.

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