23 of the Best Kid’s Cooking Gift Ideas That Aren’t Toys

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Looking for the perfect kid’s cooking gift for your mini chef? I’ve listed a ton of kid-friendly kitchen items, including kiddie baking kits, kid-sized aprons, and sweet, helpful things to help a budding Gordon Ramsay in your kitchen at home!

The best part? All the gifts down below are priced under $25!

Working in an elementary school as the cooking coordinator taught me a thing or two when it comes to kids cooking in the kitchen; they’re better at it than you think they are!

I recommend going slow, and letting kids try new techniques with you there beside them, guiding them along the way. I’ve had 5-year-olds deftly handling chopping knives; it helps to start kids from a young age to understand how to be safe and think smart when they’re in the kitchen.

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Below are some of my favorite tools, toys, ideas and resources for your kids who show an interest in cooking. Cooking gifts give kids a fun way to learn and life skill and possibly contribute to the family at the same time!

Stressed out trying to cook with your kids in the kitchen? I really prefer cooking with my kids when we have some time to kill, like on holiday breaks. It’s not as stressful as having them help during the workweek.

Giving them time to learn with me in a relaxed setting means everyone is more willing to hand a kid, say, a block of cheese and a grater during a night when you’re trying to quickly get dinner on the table. Since you’ve put the work in when things weren’t so rushed, you’re more apt to trust them when you don’t have as much time to kill.

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Next thing you know, that kid’s cooking gift you got them might turn into you taking the night off from cooking, and letting your kid chef handle the rest! Hey, we can dream, right?

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A MasterChef Juniors Pizza Kit, so they can spin their own dough instead of calling for pizza.

Ages 6 and up. It comes with recipe cards, a pizza pan, and a pizza cutter so you can get the kids making dinner and save you the cost of calling for takeout.

MasterChef cooking kits are great for kids who love to cook because they keep everything contained inside the box. It also makes for a perfect way to wile away post-Christmas vacation days when it might be too cold to go outside!

Get it on Amazon for $24 or less

Honest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes for Cooks Ages 8 & Up, filled with super kid-friendly dinner recipes.

Mollie Katzen’s books are full of great kid-friendly AND adult-tasty recipes that kids who feel somewhat comfortable in the kitchen can master with ease. This book of dinner recipes includes 65 fully kid-tested, illustrated recipes that require only a little adult assistance. 

Real review: ” My kids were raised on M. Katzen’s wonderful kids cook books. Love this!!!” -Katrina

Get in on Amazon for $13 or less

Bear Oven Mitts for grabbing pots that are bear-y hot

These super cute oven mitts come with loops for hanging on the side of the oven or fridge for easy grabbing, and they’ll protect your kids’ hands and wrists from close contact with high heat.

Get them here on Amazon for under $18

Non-slip mixing bowls for when their stirring gets a little out of hand.

I have a similar set like these mixing bowls and they are so handy! From whipping cream to mixing batter, I love how they don’t slide all around the place while I’m stirring. The fun colors are great for kids, too.

Real review: ”  I really enjoy these mixing bowls. The gripping feature at the bottom comes in really handy and I love all the different colors.” -Ashley Nicole

Get these on Amazon for about $25

Cupcake Decorating Kit for your kid who’s a little obsessed with Netflix’s Nailed It

This handy little kit comes with recipe cards and shopping lists, stickers, and piping accessories for making TV-worthy cupcakes (even if the cupcakes are just for family movie night!) Also includes reusable cupcake liners.

Real review: “These Curious Chef items far exceed my expectations. This item was for my nephew since he is obsessed with cooking shows. The quality of this item is comparable to adult ones. ” -Coastal Girl

Grab it today on Amazon for under $20

Garlic Grater and container for keeping stinky hands at bay.

This handy little garlic grater will press garlic cloves into a container for easy storing or use. It also comes with a silicone garlic container for storing garlic bulbs. Got a kid who loves cooking but not a fan of stinky garlic hands? This kids’ cooking gift is a great one for those who are slightly more fastidious.

Grab it on Amazon for around $15

Handheld Cupcake Batter Bowl and Mixer that doesn’t even require electricity

For those times you’d rather not have your kid getting close and personal with a plugged-in kitchen appliance, this handheld batter mixer does a great job at mixing ingredients. I like to use these handheld machines when I’m cooking with more than one kid; it’s a good way to share the duties between and get a batter perfectly mixed.

Get this one on Amazon for less than $20.

Herb Scissors for when nobody’s in the mood to pick tiny leaves off tiny stems.

The perfect kid’s cooking gift for when you want to hand off an especially boring task (I kid! … kind of). Chiffonading or slicing herbs or leafy greens can be tricky, requiring good fine motor skills- the kind of fine motor skills many kids lack. Herb scissors make light work of this, and the cover doubles as a blade scraper, making sure you get everything where it should be.

Real review: ” I use it to cut herbs and even spinach and other leafy vegetables. It works great each time. It is easy to clean as well because of the cap has slits that reach into the scissors slots and remove the pieces stuck in there.” -Alka

Get yours on Amazon for around $14.

Panda Mug (comes with other animals) so everything’s good to the last drop.

I love this sweet little mug with a tiny animal on the bottom, which peeks out at kids as they drink. If you’re into making hot chocolate or other warm, kid-friendly drinks, this mug (and its animal friends) makes a sweet gift.

Get this on Amazon for about $8.

Speaking of hot chocolate, these sticks make it easy to melt and go.

This is such a fun idea for a foodie stocking stuffer, or a small gift for any hot chocolate loving kid! Comes in three flavors (vanilla, chocolate, dark chocolate), just melt into hot milk and use the stick to stir.

Comes in at about $16 on Amazon.

This handy Pasta Portioner for when you’re cooking two different types of pasta for two picky kids not that I know what that’s like or anything.

It’s a drainer. It’s a portioner. It’s a Pasta Portioner Drainer Thing! This is super handy for not only portioning out the amount of pasta you’re cooking, but if you’re making two different shapes of pasta (one for the kid who likes shells, one for the kid who likes penne), you don’t have to boil the pot of water twice. Also folds flat for easy storing.

Real review: “Perfect to do a serving of pasta in, as you now don’t have to guess on how much you should eat when all your pasta is cooked all together in one pot.” -Evonne

Get yours for around $10 on Amazon here.

Monkey Pizza Cutter for when the smile you get outta pizza isn’t wide enough.

I mean. Seriously. Slicing pizza (and sandwiches, and quesadillas, and all the other things I use pizza slicers for) has never been so adorable. Monkey is made of silicone and rides on a stainless steel pizza blade.

So stinking cute and only about $17 on Amazon.

A fun and practical apron to make massive messes in.

You need this apron for two reasons: one, kids are freaking adorable when they wear little aprons (this is a fact) And two, this makes a fab kids’ cooking gift because it’s adjustable, has a front pocket, and did I mention it’s adorable?

Pick it out on Amazon for around $15

Silicone knives and cutting board for little hands learning knife skills

This is the set I recommend to all of the parents of the kids’ I teach, and the set I continuously bring up when I speak to parents about healthy eating habits for kids, like at PTA meetings and so forth. It’s a fabulous, sturdy little set and it gets kids really comfortable with holding a knife in their hands and learning knife skills; without the heart-in-your-throat worry of them chopping fingers off. Made with nylon materials with serrated edges, the knives and board are FDA-approved and BPA-free. 

Grab it on Amazon for less than $10 (a total steal)

Cute printed snack bags so you’re not throwing more plastic into the ocean

Kids love snacks. This is a fact of life, parenthood, and the world. But I shudder at the thought of all those baggies and plastic bags floating in the ocean. Plus, using reusable snack bags like these sweet Stasher brand saves money in the long run, too, which makes them a great kid’s cooking gift idea that benefits both kids AND parents! They’re washable and super sturdy, and come in a bunch of super cute prints. Stasher bags are BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free.

Grab them on the Stasher website

Make lunchtime interesting with these cute sandwich cutters in different shapes

Here’s another fact about kids: besides being snack fiends, they’re exponentially more likely to eat their dang lunches if the sandwich is cut in a cute shape. I don’t know how it works, but it does. Use these sandwich cutters to cut off crusts and shape sandwiches into dolphins, hearts, elephants, and more. These fun sandwich cutters for kids are made from 100% FDA food-grade and high-quality plastic, which are totally BPA free and healthy. 

Grab a whole set for under $7

Pot Lid Lifters that make you smile

These fun and cheerful little lid-lifters will help release steam while braising, keep hot liquids hot without overcooking, and prevent pots from boiling over. Also used as a cute spoon or chopstick rest while cooking or eating.

Pick up a pack of 6 for about $14 on Amazon

Puree pouches for smoothies and drinks on the go

Drink smoothies or purees like applesauce on-the-go with these handy pouches. 10 ounces for each size and comes in a pack of 10; easily cleaned with hot, soapy water and a bottle brush. This is a great kid’s cooking gift idea for busy parents, too, since the the mix can be made ahead of time and frozen straight in the pouch!  

Real review: “These pouches are very convenient and portable. I take a few from the freezer or fridge drop them in my backpack and head out. No leaks or spills yet” LaRhonda 

Grab your set on Amazon for $14

Or, if pouches aren’t your thing, try these smoothie cups with wide straws

If you’re not a pouch person, these stainless steel cups come with wide silicone straws that are perfect for smoothie-drinkers, especially when you like your smoothies on the thick side. Fully portable with snap-on lids and-bonus- dishwasher friendly!

Get a set of 2 on Amazon for around $17

A kid-friendly vegetable peeler, the perfect kid’s cooking gift for a veggie lover

This soft peeler is ergonomically shaped for little hands, with non-slip rubber spots for easy gripping and it’s dishwasher friendly! Its small size also makes it a great kid’s cooking gift idea for stocking stuffers, too.

Get your peeler on Amazon for about $20

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