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Prep Sesh is the members only vault packed full of weekly, step-by-step meal prep plans.

Nearly every recipe is dump-&-cook style, and the meal plans walk you through putting together a week's worth of dinners in under an hour.

You simply open up what you've prepped, pop it in or on the Instant Pot, slow cooker, sheet pan, or stovetop pan,
and walk away.

It's that easy!

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Weekly meal plans you can prep and prepare in one hour per week
Because dinnertime is precious family time .
Prep Sesh Membership 

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Prep Sesh Makes Meal Prep Easy, Quick and (best of all) Tasty!

This isn’t your average meal plan membership. At Prep Sesh, we show you how to prep and store a week’s worth of meals in less than one hour per week. We even provide a color coded shopping list that saves you a ton of time and money!
"It feels SO good not to worry about dinner anymore."
work-at-home mom

Why You’ll Love Prep Sesh

❤Save up to $125 per week on groceries ❤Enjoy a home cooked meal every week night ❤Make meals your family loves without spending hours in the kitchen ❤Spend more time making memories and less time cooking and cleaning ❤Tasty and healthy recipes for even the most finicky eaters ❤Never worry or stress again about what’s for dinner after a hectic workday ❤Colored coded shopping lists that save you time at the store

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Once you sign up for a Prep Sesh Membership and log in to our private portal, you’ll have instant access to:

Step #1: Choose from a Variety of Weekly Meal Plans Options include kid-friendly, sheet pan meals, around the world, and more!

Step #2: Shop Using a Color Coded Grocery List Not a fan of certain foods, no problem. Simply remove and/or replace ingredients from the list with ease.

Step #3: Prep Meals for the Week in One Hour or Less Choose one day each week to prep for the week ahead. We even offer tips to store prepped items that save you time cooking and cleaning.

Step #4: Pull a prepped meal from your fridge or freezer, place prepared ingredients in a pan or pot and dinner is on its way!
Every recipe includes detailed instructions for preparing meals on the spot or storing prepped ingredients to use later in the week. 

A Week’s Worth of Freshly Prepped & Prepared to Cook Dinners in One Hour

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As a recipe developer and author of two cookbooks, nothing excites me more than experimenting with ingredients. That’s why I include a wide range of recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to make.

As a mom, I also know that easier is always better! These weekly meal plans make shopping, prepping and preparing simple and also save you money.

About the Creator of Prep Sesh

Hi, I’m Ruthy, a meal prep obsessive and busy working parent

As a working mom of two with a day job, I get what it’s like to work all day, tend to kids, manage a business and try to get dinner on the table at a decent time. 


As a cooking instructor, recipe developer, and author of two cookbooks, you’d think it’d be easy to get dinner on the table but…


From deciding what to make for dinner, prepping and cooking food while simultaneously helping my kids with their homework and dealing with sibling fights… Dinner time became a battle that left me completely stressed out and exhausted! 


I knew there HAD to be a better way to make our evening time more pleasant and hassle free. That’s when I made one significant change that radically shifted everything. 


I started planning and preparing a week’s worth of meals in one hour. I’m so glad I did because dinner got on the table faster, and with less stress or hassle. This made getting the kids to bed a lot easier and also saved my sanity. 


Dinner time became enjoyable again and I actually savor the time with my family in the evenings instead of dread it. All I have to do in the evening is pull a prepped meal from my fridge or freezer, drop ingredients in a pot, slow cooker, sheet pan or pot and dinner is on its way!


This  is what inspired my Prep Sesh Membership. I created a variety of weekly meal plans with color coded shopping lists from my favorite “dump & cook” meals so busy working parents could enjoy dinner time instead of dread it. 

A Week’s Worth of Freshly Prepped & Prepared to Cook Dinners in One Hour


How does Prep Sesh compare to other meal planning memberships?
There are a ton of meal planning apps and resources out there but none of them show you how to prep meals a week in advance like I do at Prep Sesh. This membership was specifically designed for working parents who prefer home cooked meals but don’t have the time or energy to do so after working all day. Our members love the one hour week ahead prep sessions because all the hard work of dinner is done in one day in one hour. 

Are the recipes delicious and flavorful?

Um… as a recipe developer and author of two cookbooks, I can assure you these recipes are delicious while also easy to prepare.

What’s included with each meal prep plan?

🙌Downloadable PDF features breakdown of four recipes including photos, ingredients, and step by step instructions for making each recipe or prepping and storing it for later.
🙌Color coded shopping list that includes all ingredients you’ll need for that week of meals.

🙌If you choose to skip one of the meals in a week’s plan, you can easily remove ingredients related to that recipe easily.
How much does Prep Sesh cost?
A Prep Sesh subscription is as low as $5.99 per month when you sign up for an annual plan and only $11.99 for monthly plan. If you aren’t sure whether Prep Sesh is right for you, sign up for a free 14 trial today to see for yourself. 
What if I sign up and don’t like the recipes? 
You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. If you sign up for the free 14-day trial and you decide Prep Sesh is not right for you, you can cancel your subscription by logging into the Prep Sesh portal.
Do I get access to all of your weekly meal prep plans or just new ones?
New Weekly Meal Plans come out every Saturday and are available in the Members area. You’ll also get a reminder email letting you know a new weekly meal plan is available. Once you are a member, you have access to all past weekly meal plans.
What if I have very little storage/kitchen/freezer space?
That’s the beauty of these weekly meal plans! The prep and storage does not require a lot of freezer, fridge or kitchen space. Plus I offer a bunch of tips on how to store prepped food so you don’t waste space.
What if I don’t have any real experience at cooking?
Not a problem at all. In fact, don’t be surprised if you start looking forward to dinner after using these weekly meal plans. They are tasty, wholesome and so easy to make!
What if I don’t have any real experience at cooking?
The meal plans can be altered to accommodate dietary needs like low sodium, gluten free and dairy free.
Are calorie or macros count included in the recipes?
I do not provide calorie or macros count in the recipes.
Are the recipes healthy?
All of the recipes use real, whole food ingredients. Many of the recipes will work with vegan substitutes.
Are the recipes kid-friendly (meaning my kids will eat it)?
As a mom, I wanted to make sure the recipes I create get rave reviews from my toughest critics – my kids! Yes, there are several kid-friendly recipes to choose from that your kids will eat.

Never worry about what’s for dinner again!

Meal Plans You Can Prep and Prepare to Cook in One Hour Per Week


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