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Chili-Lime Tuna Salad Pita Pockets

These simple tuna salad pita pickets are a great low-carb make-ahead lunch idea!

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If you’re trying to find a low-carb make-ahead lunch idea, your options can sometimes seem pretty limited.

But you know what’s not a limiting low-carb make-ahead lunch idea? Tuna salad.

Yeah, you heard me right. Tuna freaking salad.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Tuna salad!? So boring. And I don’t need any more boring ideas. I need GOOD ideas.”

And hey, trust me, I get it. I was raised on a steady diet of canned tuna fish in any number of iterations. It was a Midwest staple in our home growing up.

But those flavorless gas-station/snack stop/homemade tuna salad sandwiches ain’t got nothing on a Chili Lime Tuna Salad Sandwich, stuffed into a pita and bursting with actual flavor.

It’s the perfect low-carb make-ahead lunch idea.

And it is anything but boring.

Thanks to that aforementioned Midwest canned tuna diet, I do have a natural affinity for the stuff. So when Safe Catch contacted me and offered to send some of their low-mercury high-quality tuna my way, I was intrigued.

You guys know I don’t review a lot of product on this website. That’s not for lack of offers! I get them quite frequently, in fact- but very few pass the test for me to actually spend time talking about.

But what I read about Safe Catch sounded different, so I agreed. And I was so impressed by what they sent!


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First off, the thing I really liked about Safe Catch is that their tuna has the highest amount of omega-3’s than any other canned tuna brand.

How? Most tuna companies double-cook their tuna, losing a lot of the healthy natural oils in the process. Safe Catch, however, slow cooks their hand-cut tuna steaks, sealing in those oils.

That’s why they recommend not draining the oils from the can after opening; because the tuna is so well taken care of prior to packaging, it’s actually healthier to eat the tuna this way!

Plus, the tuna they sent came in an array of cool flavors; along with their plain tuna, they sent me Chili-Lime (used in the pictures and this recipe), Habanero-Mint, and Citrus-Pepper.

They also included a jar of Chosen Foods Avocado Mayonnaise, which makes this sandwich even lower in carbs, full of healthy fats, with a ton of flavor.

It means I made this chili-lime tuna salad with only three ingredients: their flavored tuna, celery, and the avo mayo. But, if you can only get your hands on plain ole’ albacore tuna and you want to jazz it up to be chili-lime, that totally works as well – I’ve included the measurements to do so in the recipe below.

So you see? Tuna Salad as a low-carb make-ahead lunch idea.

It’s a thing.

You’re gonna love it.

Where you can find Safe Catch Tuna: 

Safe Catch website (and sign up for a 10% off coupon!) 


Thrive Market

I was sent free product from Safe Catch, and I loved it, which is why I’m sharing it here. There was no other compensation, and all opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate links are included in this post below. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission in return. For more info on my disclosure policies, click here.

Chili-Lime Tuna Salad Pita Pockets


Dry Goods

Safe Catch Chili-Lime Albacore Tuna5 ounces
mayonnaise.25 cup
pita bread1 large


celery2 stalks


If you'd like to make the chili-lime tuna salad from scratch, substitute 1/2 teaspoon dried chili flakes and 1 tablespoon lime juice to plain tuna, celery, and mayonnaise, then mix well.

  1. Finely dice the celery and place in a large bowl.
  2. Open the tuna and add to the bowl, then add the mayonnaise.
  3. Stir to combine well
  4. Slice open the insides of each pita, and stuff with the tuna mixture.

Prep Plan

Prep it for later:
1. Follow the instructions in Steps 1-3 and transfer to a resealable container.
Store in the fridge for up to 6 days

You’ll need:
1 container of prepared tuna salad
1 large pita bread

Prepare from prepped:
1. Pack the pita bread with the prepared tuna salad.

Ruthy Kirwan

Ruthy Kirwan is a recipe tester and developer living in NYC with her two small kids and hard-working husband. She created Percolate Kitchen in 2016 to help busy people get their act together in the kitchen. Learn more at

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