Just imagine…

How much more time you’ll have

when you’ve got your

whole weekly meal plan completely

done for you!

(No more figuring out schedules, finding meals everyone will eat, or

combing through recipes to make sure they fit dietary needs or allergy requirements!) 


Customized Meal Plans from Ruthy at Percolate Kitchen. 

Fully designed to make your life easier.  

Because you deserve to have at least one thing taken off your plate! 

Easy, uncomplicated recipes that suit all skill levels. Most recipes take only 20 minutes! 

Recipes for Instant Pot, crockpots, sheet pan, casseroles- whatever’s easiest for your kitchen! 

Schedule change? Ingredient substitution? I’m there to help you navigate with full chat and email support that will help guide you through bumps in the road.

How it works, what I do, and what you’ll receive: 

First, we’ll hop on the phone to talk about your schedule, diet, allergies, preferences, cooking skill level, and more.

Then, you’ll fill out a quick questionnaire to cover any ground we might have missed.

I’ll get to work quickly to create a customized monthly meal plan for you. 

You’ve got access to total chat and email support throughout the duration of your meal plan! Ingredient substitution? Cooking question? I can help!

“The recipes were easy to execute, even for a novice like me. I got to try things I would never have attempted otherwise!”

Ellie D.

“We loved trying new things. Some of these recipes are definitely going to become regulars at our table!”

Susan B.