Kim of The Connected Chef & Ruthy of Percolate Kitchen are coming together to bring your family a unique cooking class for both you and your child(ren).

In class, we’ll focus on what your kids CAN be doing in the kitchen with you and HOW you can incorporate them WITHOUT OVERWHELM.

• What their kids CAN do in the kitchen
• HOW to incorporate their kids into their
day to day cooking WITHOUT overwhelm
• New ideas for dinner and meal planning

• Developmentally appropriate skills
• New flavors & textures of food
• That food is FUN & NOT a power struggle
• To cook with their mom/dad!

“Now our focused together time INCLUDES cooking. She has become SO much more adventurous of an eater, has a working understanding of nutrients in her food, and felt so proud of her independence and capabilities.”

Marjorie & Nate Naidich

Family Cooking Class 2016