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dinner, done.

Pick up a prepared Prep Sesh Pack, complete with totally prepped ingredients and a full-on prep plan so you can prepare your meals at home. Do it in one session or over the course of a few days; the choice (and freedom) is yours!



Prep Packs are ready for pickup on the dates listed at the bottom of this page. For questions, concerns, allergies, or to arrange drop-off, email ruthy@percolatekitchen.com

Salsa Verde Chicken Bake Prep Pack

“It feels SO good to not have to worry about dinner for a whole week or more!”

Menus for upcoming Prep Pack drop days


Pre-made Prep Sesh Pack

You'll get...

Prepared ingredients

Everything’s prepped and ready to go (right down to chopped veggies and portioned seasonings) so all you have to do is finish it up and serve it to your family..

ready when you are

Can’t make everything in one prep session? No worries! Make the meals on your own schedule if you prefer. Instructions for freezing, batching, and cooking on night-of are all included. 

Prep Sesh Get-Togethers: NYC

You'll get...

hands on help

If cooking makes you feel like canoeing without a paddle, in-class prep makes it easier. I’ll be there with you as you prep your meals, helping with technique, speed, and sharing kitchen tips and insights along the way.

parent's night out

Come hang with a group of local parents, nosh on yummy snacks, drink some wine, and chill out for a while. Prep Sesh Get-Togethers are a fun way to unwind at the end of the week!


Not in NYC? Want to Prep on your own, or in a group? Keep reading for other Prep Sesh offers available for purchase: 

Prep Sesh Plan Vault

use every prep plan available

Prep Sesh Plans are available for everyone for a low monthly fee of $4. Use the plans to map our your own Prep Sesh, or get inspired and have friends over for a community Get-Together!

grab the bonuses

Not only will you have access to every Prep Sesh Plan available so far, but you can also access my super-helpful, easy-to-follow mini-resource, Uncomplicated Backup Meals. In it, I share tutorials, tricks, ideas and tips to help you figure out a system for meal prep, freezer meals, and pantry cooking. 

How is buying a pre-made Prep Sesh Pack different from ordering a meal kit, like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh?

All the ingredients in Prep Packs are chopped and measured and ready for you to assemble. Make sure you’ve got a vessel to cook the dish in, and choose from one of the recommended sides with each recipe. Each meal comes with instructions for cooking from fresh, freezing, thawing, and reheating. You can make your meals throughout the following week, or follow the instructions to store them for later- it’s up to you! Plus, I’m a NYC resident, just like you! You’ll have the benefit of purchasing straight from within your community.

What if I have allergies or other dietary restrictions to some of the ingredients in your recipes?

Substitutions and changes can be made according to availability and timing. 99% of the time, it’s not a problem to get an ingredient swap – just make sure you let me know when you’re placing the order! 

What's the $20 "rush fee" you've mentioned?

Your order must be placed no later than Thursday by 10AM EST the week of the Drop Date. This is the ensure there’s enough time to take care of every customer arrange for deliveries and pickups, and prepare ingredients. The $20 fee is applied to every order placed after this time, to account for rushing the order through the steps it takes to complete. 

How does delivery work?

After you’ve placed your order, drop me a line to let me know where and how is best for us to arrange drop-off. I’ll need your address and what time you’ll be home, so you can transfer the Prep Pack into your fridge. 

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