Let's pack our freezers with meals for our families! 

In this fun and interactive class, we'll go through:

  • How to freeze meals to use later
  • Safe thawing and reheating techniques
  • What you can and can't freeze (you might be surprised!)

...And then we'll pepare 5 recipes suitable for a family of four.  


What: Freezer Meals Cooking Class

When: Sunday, March 24th, 6-8pm 

Where: 4120 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside Queens

Why: Because your kitchen needs it!

Freezer meals are timesaving, easy, and money-saving- plus, they make it easy to be healthy!

In this 2 hour class, we will:

🙌Learn how to safely prepare, freeze, and thaw batch-made meals for the freezer  

😎What you can and can't store in your freezer (you may be surprised!)  

💖Learn the ins-and-outs of a perfect freezer meal  

And more!  


This class is for you if...

  • You always feel too tired on weeknight evenings to cook dinner
  • You can never seem to follow through on your meal plan for the week
  • You've heard of batch cooking freezer meals but you're not sure if they're actually worth the effort

We'll be making....

  • Curried Chickpea and Coconut Stew with Swiss Chard
  • Thai Pumpkin Soup
  • Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili 
  • Indian Butter Chicken 
  • Spinach Lasaga Roll-Ups 
  • all meals can be tailored according to vegan/vegetarian/carnivore diets

What's included in the price of your ticket:

All groceries, snacks, and wine for the class

YES- groceries are included! So are the other important things :)

It's a week's worth of food!

You'll bring home 2 casserole-sized meals and 3 large ziploc bags of "dump and go" meals

Instruction in and out of the kitchen

-20ish minutes of out-of-kitchen instruction

-60ish minutes of hands-on instruction in the kitchen

Keeping your goals

We'll be making a mix of both vegetarian meals and meat dishes 


What: Freezer Meals Class

When: March 24th, 6-8pm EST

Where: 4120 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside

Why: Because your kitchen needs this!