Ready to overcome the weeknight stress of getting dinner on the table, every.stinking.night?

Now's your chance!

It's the Step-by-Step Freezer Meal Planning Pack, and it walks you through the preparation of over 3 weeks of delicious hands-off dinners- in under 3 hours! 

Just one afternoon of cooking solves a month of asking that 5pm burning question: "What am I going to feed this family tonight!?"

Yes, I want this!

Don't wait! The pack is only available until this clock runs out. 


When you're already juggling a thousand other things, dinner prep feels like one more giant addition to your neverending to-do list. 

What if you could skip the prep (and cleanup!) every night and head straight to the family dinner part?

"My favorite part of these plans is the realization that freezer cooking is simple and nothing to be afraid of! It made me want to have a freezer meal party with friends."

Robyn O

"I loved the different cooking tips you included with all the recipes! It made me feel like I was actually in one of your classes, and not at home in sweatpants like I actually was, haha!"

Jamie M.

"I'm sick and tired of 5-9pm feeling just as rushed as my 9-5"

Hi! If we haven't met, I'm Ruthy. I'm a chef, cooking class instructor, recipe developer, meal planner, working mom, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fanatic. 

I live with my husband and 2 kids in a small apartment in New York City, and feel like I'm always balancing a hundred plates at once. 

After I started batch prepping freezer meals to store and choose from on busy weeknights, I felt like I'd discovered a secret Mom Life Hack! 

Suddenly, I wasn't walking in the door at 5pm, hands full of backpacks and scooters and hungry kids hanging off my legs, wondering if we could get away with another mega-basic sheet pan meal... again. (Or -shh!-- takeout)

Instead, with a stash of freezer meals on hand, I could pull out a dinner, let it cook in the Instant Pot, crockpot, or stovetop while we settled in to our weeknight, and sit down to a hot meal together. 

Plus, if I batched a bunch of meals in a 3 hour blitz one weekend a month, we could eat this way almost every night- with minimal prep and cleanup! 

I was hooked. I began teaching my favorite recipes and methods as a local cooking class, and that took off like gangbusters, too. It seemed I wasn't the only one who needed a break from making dinners during the week! 

So I took some of my favorite recipes and ALL my fave methods, and put them together in this easy, Step-by-Step Freezer Meal Planning Pack. And now you can see the magic for yourself in your own kitchen!

You might be thinking....

"I've already tried a thousand meal plans, though" 

My Step-by-Step Freezer Meal Plans are different from all the other downloadable meal plans you find on Pinterest or from some health coach on Instagram. 

These walk you through the prep in a smart, simple, easy-to-follow method. 

It's plug-and-play dinner prep! 

"I'm sick and tired of doing the thinking when it comes to meal planning. You know?"

OMG I know, believe me. I'm a working mom myself. I get that mental load thing 10,000%. 

That's why these meal plans are laid out the way they are!

Here's how the meal plans are laid out: 

  • Each week has a "theme": Vegan, Budget Slow Cooker, and Kid-Friendly. 
  • Each "theme" recipe comes with a full list of modifications you can use so every recipe can suit your needs/tastes/preference. 
  • Dairy free? Nut free? Gluten free? You can swap and switch ingredients out in each recipe easily- I include suggestions and instructions in every recipe.
  • Plus, on top of providing you with grocery lists and full recipes for every week, I'll also include a video walkthrough of each week's prep plan. 

With the video walkthroughs, you can follow along with me and see first-hand what each stage of the prep should look like, including how to do it faster, easier, and cleaner. 

(This is the exact way I walk my students through my Freezer Meal Classes that I teach in NYC. But this time, you can do them in your own home! Pants are totes optional, btw. I don't judge.

It's only available til June 21st! BUY NOW!

What's inside:

Three weeks of different meal plans. 

Each plan is "themed" (Vegan, Budget Slow Cooker, and Kid-Friendly) but every recipe comes with modifications to add or remove meat, swap in or out dairy, keep it gluten free, etc. 

A full prep plan for blitzing out the whole 3 weeks in one go.

Got 3 hours? Make a month's worth of meals during the span of one long toddler nap :)

Individual plans for doing it one week at a time.

The plans are broken down step-by-step so you just work through it one piece at a time. Each plan comes together in less than an hour- even quiker if you're comfortable in the kitchen!

Grocery lists for each week OR one big shop. 

Each item on the list has the total amount needed for the plan, so make sure you see what you already have on hand before you go shopping!

Video walkthroughs for each plan. 

This is the secret sauce- I show you each recipe, in each plan, so you know for sure that you're doing it all right. 

You'll be able to see the full amounts, the size each ingredient is cut to, and what it looks like before it goes in the freezer. This is JUST like coming to one of my classes in person!

Labels to print out for each recipe

Every recipe comes with its own customizable labels and an Avery template, as well as printing instructions, so you can pop them right on the front of every bag or container. No more forgetting the cooking instructions!

Front-of-freezer checklist

Labels are great, but having an at-a-glance checklist you can hang on your fridge, telling you exactly what you've got left, is key to quick dinner decisions. 



The Step-by-Step Freezer Meal Planning Pack is only available until June 21st, 2019. 

After that, I'm not sure when it will be made available again. And the next pack will come with a whole new set of recipes, so this batch of recipe will never be seen again!

Here's the list of recipes:




Coconut Chickpea Curry 

Vegetable Chili 

Satay Shish Kebabs 

Corn and Tomato Chowder

North African Couscous Stew 

Garlic-Balsamic Chicken Skewers

Tikka Masala

Ropa Vieja

Ham and Beans Soup

Smoked Sausage and Potato Chowder

Chicken and Pasta "Sick Day" Soup 

Punkin' Sloppy Joe's 

Crockot "Baked" Ziti

Pizza Meal Kits

Sticky Honey Chicken and Broccoli