Fresh Cherry Tomato Pasta with Turkey Meatballs

This simple pasta dish is one of my favorite meals to cook when it’s hot outside, since it’s so light!

Bonus fact? There’s a preeeeeeetty good chance your kids are gonna love this fresh cherry tomato pasta with turkey meatballs, too.

Believe me: I have a very stubborn toddler at home whose meal aversions change with the blowing wind, and she usually eats this pasta dish. So, you know. Take that as a golden recommendation for this great weeknight recipe!

This easy fresh cherry tomato pasta with turkey meatballs is a lightened up version of spaghetti and meatballs.

Instead of heavy marinara, there’s freshly blistered cherry tomatoes. Instead of thick, rich beef or pork meatballs, there’s meatballs made with ground turkey (lower in fat and lighter in flavor!)

One of my favorite ‘kitchen hacks’ is to double the meatball recipe and freeze half. They’re a great pack-able lunch item, so I’ll add them frozen to my kids’ packed lunches before they head to the babysitter in the morning, and they’re thawed and ready to be reheatd by lunchtime!

If you’ve got a food processor, use it to make the turkey meatballs!

A food processor will blend the meatballs much faster than using bare hands or a wooden spoon, and so cuts the production time by at least half, if not more. From there, I use a #10 cookie scoop to make the individual balls, line the meatballs on a sheet pan, and bake. Voila- 10 minutes of work for a big batch of freeze-able, dinner-ready meatballs.

Perfect for a busy weeknight dinner on a hot summer evening, this fresh cherry tomato pasta with turkey meatballs is a total winner.

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