Working Mom Email Challenge: Get It Done!

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I see you, working parent.

Working that 9 to 5 while also keeping kids alive ‘ is no easy task.

Between school or caregiver dropoff, school or caregiver pickup, the lunches, the dinners, the bathtime, the laundry, paying bills, self-care, time with your partner or friends, and cleaning the house so it doesn’t look constantly trashed…

How in the eff are you supposed to do it all?

How does everyone else do it all!? (With great looking hair, no less? #SeriouslyThatHairIsAmazing)

Here’s how: Simple routines and systems.

(and wine. But that’s another subject we won’t get into right now)

The problem with balancing work and family is that it’s a constant juggling act.

And you’re tired.

So, so tired.

Dirty Kitchen- would you want to come home to this on a weeknight!? The Weeknight Dinner Survival Guide will teach you how to reduce the overhwhelm in your weeknight cooking.

And it’s easy to just throw your hands up in the air and figure you’ll just stay tired and stressed for the foreseeable future because this is what life is now. 

But secretly, you’re sick of feeling that way.

You want to feel like you’re actually enjoying your kids when you’re home.

That cooking dinner in the evening isn’t an enormous headache. That it’s actually possible to have a clean house, clean clothes, bills paid on time.   To not be doing this all on your own.

I’ve got something that’ll help you out, friend. And it’s easier than you think!

It’s called the Get It Done 5 Day Working Mom Email Challenge, and it’s just the kick start you need to get on top of your day, your schedule, and your family life.

Ready to skyrocket your productivity? Join the #GetItDone Email Challenge and shred your to-do list in just 5 days; plus get systems in place to keep things going while you’re at it!

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