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WIN a FREE Instant Pot & copy of Melissa Clark’s new pressure cooker cookbook, ‘Dinner In an Instant’


Instant Pot review from a real user:

“Of all of the purchases that I’ve ever made to add to my kitchen’s efficiency and fun, this is the one thing I could not do without.” -Darlene, Amazon Verified Review

about 'Dinner in an Instant: 75 Modern Recipes for Your Pressure Cooker, Multi Cooker, and Instapot"

“There may already be plenty of Instant Pot cookbooks on the market, but none of them were crafted by a cook with Clark’s blend of approachable adventurousness—and her flat-out skill in the kitchen.”–Epicurious

more raves for the Instant Pot:

“I have made exactly one meal with this, and I’m already overwhelmingly excited about the prospects. FROZEN CHICKEN BREASTS in 20 minutes, from freezer to mouth.” -Cabe Cox, Verified Amazon Review

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PLUS, you’re awarded MORE prizes when you reach a certain level of points:

25 Points:

FREE copy of my popular ‘30 Day 20 Minute Real Food Meal Plan

100 points:

FREE copy of Jenny Rosenstrach’s family dinner cookbook,  Dinner: The Playbook: A 30-Day Plan for Mastering the Art of the Family Meal

HURRY! This contest is only running until October 27, 2017.

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