Healthy Kids Snacks They Can Make Their Own Dang Selves

Every day, all day, every hour, every moment of the day, at the exact second that I become busy doing something else, my children will come to find me and ask, “Can I have a snack?” 

They may have just eaten a massive breakfast or lunch: doesn’t matter. They want snacks, and they will whine, and I am over it already, so I give in to their dictator demands more often than I’d like to admit.

But do you hear me, Universe? I am officially over it

I’m determined to find healthy, easy snacks that they can get themselves. 

These days we’re all living on top of each other, social distancing and staying at home all the freaking time.

And there seems to be something about that that makes my kids want to eat, every second of the day. 

One hack we’ve been trying since we’ve been staying at home lately is to make the snacks super accessible for kids to get.

We keep them on low shelves, in individual packaging, and make sure that the sweeter, less-healthy options are out of reach. 

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So when they come to find me for a snack and I tell them to help themselves, they have no option but to choose cheese cube and an apple, say, over granola bars and a go-gurt. The sweeter stuff is a treat; carrot sticks are considered an actual snack.

Figuring out how to differentiate between those two ideas has helped our snack game considerably. 

I also try to pair flavors and food types together; usually, a protein and a fruit or vegetable, with some sort of healthy fat. This combo is best at keeping them full for longer.

I mean, kids can’t stay full on Cheezits alone. Although mine would probably like to try. 

A list of easy, “get it yourself” style kids snacks that are healthy, too!

But one mom can only slice so many apples and peel open so many granola bars. So here’s my big, fat list of healthy kids snacks that they can get their own dang selves, so I can finish a thing for once. 

  1. Hummus and vegetables
  1. Fruit and nuts
  1. Peppers and sour cream
  1. Peanut butter crackers
  1. Cheese sticks or cubes and apples
  1. Hardboiled eggs and strawberries
  1. Baggies of pre-popped popcorn
  1. Spreadable cheese on rice cakes with berries
  1. Dried apples rings with walnuts or pecans
  1. Roasted chickpeas and banana
  1. Whole-milk plain yogurt with jam or honey stirred in
  1. Graham crackers spread with nut butter, and sliced peaches
  1. Frozen grapes and cubes of cheese
  1. Wholegrain pitas with guacamole and cherry tomatoes
  1. Cottage cheese with pineapple cubes
  1. These 3-Ingredient No-Bake Cheerio and Peanut Butter Bars
  1. Trail mix: pretzel rods, dried raisins, sunflower seeds, and maybe m&ms (if you’re feeling generous!) 

And that’s it! Believe me, the snacktime struggle is REAL around here. And one final word about kids snacking during quarantine: this is a time of heightened tension for all of us.

If you’re trying to keep the anxiety in your home at bay, letting your kids comfort themselves with healthy snacks is a low-cost, low-stress way to do so. This won’t last forever, and the snacktime regime can get changed up at a later date. I’m thinking of you and your family and hoping you stay safe at this time. Xo 

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