Here’s What You Need To Rock Your Meal Prep

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I rely heavily on a handful of must-have meal prep items that help me get it done super fast.

There are always questions you want to ask when you start assembling meal prep items. Do you use plastic or glass storage? Bags or containers? Do you thaw in the container or transfer to the cooking vessel?  

And the thing is, you’d think it was easy enough – just make a meal and store it, right?

But anyone who tries to meal prep with any regularity quickly realizes that you have more options than you’d think!

I like to keep it simple when I meal prep.

If I don’t keep it simple, I often wind up procrastinating and not getting it done in the first place. Which, of course, totally defeats the reason for meal prepping in the first dang place.

When I’m meal prepping dinners to use at a later date, there are a handful of must-have meal prep items I like to use and keep on hand to make the process simpler, safer, and easier to thaw. It’s not an extensive list, and I’m sure other bloggers and experts have lists full of different items. 

These are the things I use on a regular, rotating basis to stay on top of meal prep and help make my weeknights easier. 

I try to stick with a few core principals when it comes to dinnertime must-have meal prep needs: 

  • Is it washable? 

I need everything in my kitchen to be easily washed, by hand. Living in NYC has meant, for us, that I haven’t had a dishwasher in almost 10 years, so easy handwash items are incredibly important as far as I am concerned.  I need crevices to be easily cleaned, and the whole appliance or dish, whichever it is, to not need an overnight soak in order to rid it of staining or mess.

  • Can it be stacked or easily grouped together? 

I have just one fridge in my home with an attached freezer; we don’t have a backup fridge or freezer available in our small apartment. And my storage space is small. So when it comes to those must-have meal prep items, everything – from storage capacity to overall size and use – has to make sense.

  • Is it unbreakable, or close to being unbreakable? 

I have two small kids and my own butterfingers so this is important.

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  • Can I write on it or label it easily? 

I usually label using old fashioned masking tape and a sharpie; I don’t tend to go overboard with fancy labeling techniques. But the labeling is SO important; it makes it easy for me to rotate the old in with the new. I can see at a glance what’s inside the container or bag. And, plus, it’s important that the material I’m adding the label too will both hold the stickiness of the label while it’s in the freezer, and allow the label to come off cleanly when it’s time to wash.  

  • Can I store it easily when not in use? 

This need goes a little more hand in hand with storing while in the fridge or freezer, but it counts for dry storage as well. Can I stack it? Does it shrink or expand in extreme temperatures? Does it take up as much room when not in use as it does while in use? I love things like stackable lids or containers that can be pulled to a bigger size or pushed into something smaller. 

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Ready to see my must-have meal prep list? Let’s go! 

Baggy racks

I’m obsessed with baggy racks to the point that my students in cooking classes tease me I should be sponsored by the brand! Baggy racks are amazing for filling freezer-safe ziplock bags, but one of my favorite “hacks” for using them is as a drying rack for washing reusable bags. 

Glass containers with snap-on lids

When it comes to containers with snap-on lids, I’ve found one thing to be true: you get what you pay for. Few things are as irritating in the kitchen as attempting to seal a snap-on lid that won’t snap on. I’ve found buying reliable, trustworthy brands always edge out the cheaper versions. 

I love these glass containers in my own kitchen and they are absolutely on that must-have meal prep list for me; they’re the perfect size for lunchtime leftovers, and they stack nicely. They make great reheating vessels in either the oven or the microwave, also. 

Reusable freezer-safe ziplock bags

I’m still cycling through a couple of different brands to find my favorite one, and once I’ve finally exhausted that search, you’ll be the first to know! Right now I really like Feepecu, which are FDA-approved, BPA-free, and extra-thick, which makes them fab for freezer meals and not just regular storage. I do find, however, they stain easily. But they are very sturdy and stay reliably closed, which makes them a good option for dump-and-go meals. 


See why over 1,000 people have left 5-star reviews for this product, which is one of my all-time faves! 

I’ve waxed poetic about Soupercubes many a time, but my favorite things about them are: the sturdy lid, which makes them easy to stack. The steel-enforced rim, which means there’s no sloshing as you move a Soupercube from one place to another. The fact that you can cook in them up to 400*F, which means you can meal prep right in your Soupercube. The ease of washing. And how easy it is to pop any frozen meal right out and transfer them, brick-like, to a stack in a freezer-safe bag.  When I talk must-have meal prep, Soupercubes are at the top of that list.

Veggie Chopper

I haven’t had mine in my possession for a few weeks and I am FEELING THE LOSS, so I use my food processor more to chop veggies these days, which is more of a hassle than pulling this small guy out of the cupboard. Just drop the vegetables, nuts, fruit, or anything else you need finely chopped, blitz it a few times, and poof! Done. Makes prep a lot easier. 

This is one of my recent additions to my meal prep arsenal, and I’m so glad I have it! I popped up a strip of the magnet an adhesive backing above my most-used kitchen countertop. I can use the magnetic strip to hang recipe print-outs, so I can refer to them more easily. In my crowded kitchen where counter space is tight, I love this method, since it keeps the recipes off a device and off the countertop. It’s really helpful for me when I’m testing recipes. 

And that’s it! I’ve found the biggest hurdle to my getting meal prepped is the DOING IT, which means I need to make things as easy on myself as possible. Simple recipes, nothing overwhelming, and easy-to-use equipment. When you make it easy on you from the get-go, it keeps it easy from there- and you’re more likely to reap the benefits! 

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