Meal Plan Buddies Email -


are for anyone who’s new to meal planning and doesn’t know where to start, or loves meal planning and wants new tips, ideas, and advice!

Every week, I mail out a ‘meal plan only’ email with my own family meal plan, including our recipes and grocery list for the week! I also include tips, ideas, new recipes, great Pinterest pins to save, and more cool stuff.

As a bonus for signing up, subscribers will receive a free, downloadable 7-Day 20-Minute Meal Plan, as well as deep discounts to my packaged meal plans.

PLUS, members get access to the exclusive Meal Plan Buddies Facebook Group, where you can ask questions about the meal plan, get fresh ideas for your own kitchen, see what I’m cooking that week, and more.

If you’d like to become a Meal Plan Buddies Subscriber, leave your name and email below!