Once I figured out how to effectively meal plan and prep -in way less time than it usually took - everything changed for me. 

Want to learn my secrets? I'd love for you to join me in this fun LIVE meal planning and prep class in Sunnyside, Queens! 

We'll learn the ins and outs of meal planning in half the time, including how I utilize my proven "5 Minute Meal Plan."

Then, we'll break down the steps you need to know in order to meal prep a week's worth of dinner- in half the time it usually takes.

After we learn the strategies, we'll put them to use and make a super quick meal for the entire class to share.


What: Meal Planning and Prep Class

When: Sunday, April 7th, 6-8pm 

Where: 4120 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside Queens

Why: Because your sanity needs it!

This class is for you if...

  • You want to cook more homemade meals in the evenings, but you're sick of the same recipes
  • Meal Planning & prep sounds like something you have zero time to do, even though you know it will help
  • You've tried to meal plan and prep before, but you get sick of the food and never make what you were supposed to

What's included in the price of your ticket:

Snacks and wine, yes please

We'll start the class with snacks and wine (plus coffee and drinks) then end with a small meal. It's a fun night out!

You'll love the food!

I'll be sharing access to TONS of recipes you can pull from, plus done-for-you meal plans as inspiration and real-life examples

Instruction in and out of the kitchen

-30ish minutes of of out-of-kitchen instruction

-45ish minutes of hands-on instruction in the kitchen

Keeping your goals

We'll cover how to plan for different diets in the same family, as well as keep healthy, tasty foods in rotation


What: Meal Planning and Prep Class

When: April 7th, 6-8pm EST

Where: 4120 Queens Boulevard, Sunnyside

Why: Because your sanity needs this!