What's Your Meal Plan Type? Masterclass

What's Your Meal Plan 'Type'?

Just like your star sign or your personality type, you've got a meal plan type, too! 

What's more, knowing your meal plan type gives you insight into figuring out how you can quickly meal plan, get prep done super fast, and actually follow through on your meal plan, every week. 

Once I figured out my meal plan type, everything changed. Let me show you how to discover yours, too!


Registration is limited!

What: What's Your Meal Plan Type? Masterclass with Ruthy from PercolateKitchen.com

When: Now! 

(masterclass runs a little over 20 minutes long)

Where: Cick the "register" class to enter!

Why: Because your sanity needs it!

This class is for you if...

  • You want to cook more homemade meals on weeknight evenings, but can never find the time (or energy!)
  • You can never seem to get on top of meal planning
  • You're know you're avoiding meal planning but don't know where to start

You deserve to have more time on weeknights to spend outside the kitchen

Here's how this class will help.

Feeling confident to cook

You want the freedom to walk in your kitchen and know what's for dinner- and how much time you'll need

Meals your family will love

Work with everyone's tastes and preferences by playing with your recipes- I'll show you how

Freeing up your time

We'll learn how to play with your strengths to stay on top of meal planning, every week

Keping your health goals

No more takeout or PBJs for dinner- unless you've planned it, of course! 


What: What's Your Meal Plan Type? Masterclass

When: Now!

Where: Click to register and enter the room

Why: Because your sanity needs this!