7 Remarkable Mom Podcasts To Inspire You on Your Commute

[updated May 2021] I’m kind of podcast obsessed. And I especially love mom-run podcasts that make me feel like I’m not alone in my parenting.

For real, if you ever see me at the park with my kids, I’m the mom with one earbud in my ear and a podcast playing while the kids run around. It’s just me, hanging with my favorite hosts, occasionally nodding along and saying out loud, “I know, right!?” to no one in particular.

I listen to podcasts a lot: while I’m folding laundry, washing the dishes, and walking to work.

The Alexa on my Amazon Echo has a veritable library of podcast episodes she cycles through for me on any given week. “Alexa, play….” leads to a podcast as often as it leads to my daughter requesting another dang Taylor Swift song. #seriouslythisagain?

If I’m being honest, other than mom podcasts, I listen to a ton of podcasts centered around women owning online businesses. Which, I mean, hello. It me.

But the mom-run podcasts I love aren’t necessarily the same podcasts that everyone is listening to. Sure, huge podcasts like One Bad Mother and Slate’s Mom and Dad Are Fighting are fabulous, albeit with millions of listeners each week.

But I’m especially partial to the up-and-coming podcasts, where I feel like I’m literally friends with those who run them.

I feel more comfortable connecting with the creators of these podcasts on social media, and I’m occasionally a guest myself on their shows. Plus, they talk about topics that feel real to me – topics that aren’t driven by some big-time brand in the ad breaks.

So, here are my latest fave 7 podcasts, in no particular order!

Hopefully, you’ll stumble across a new favorite to listen to on your work commute!

1.Mother Like a Boss: Kendra is no-holds-barred, straight-talking and no-b.s., which is why I adore her. Her “ish” take on homemaking makes me feel normal.

2. The Purpose Show : Alli Cassazza is my daydream best friend, since she’s extremely down-to-earth and practices mom minimalism- which, if you’ve ever surveyed a toy room, are all to aware that’s not some easy sh*t to deal with. (Fun fact: I have a bonus download included in her course, Uncluttered Home!)

3. Regular Cool Mom: Hosts Joy and Lissi are two best friends who tell each other everything. Their kids range in ages, so they’ve got something to say about mom-hood, no matter what the topic may be. They also have an uncanny ability to talk about things that are exactly what’s going through my head lately.

4. Blossoming Mommy and Baby Podcast: Jenni is an occupational therapist who’s also an expert on all things mom, especially that crazy and overwhelming postpartum time. She also runs an incredible membership site and offers DIY home based remedies, recipes, and more. (Listen to my guest spot on this show here!)

5. Longest Shortest Time:The first parenting podcast I ever really got into, although it has since concluded. They cover everything from trans-parenting to postpartum shocks to everything in between.

6. Catch This Mama: Host Dani is warm, chill, and preaches “You are enough. You are MORE than enough”. I was a guest on a recent episode and can fully vouch for the fact that she’s just as cool on the phone as she comes across on the show.

7. This is Parenting : Andrea from the hilarious Selfies to Selfless launched Season One of her new podcast, This is Parenting, in February 2019. (Listen to my episode here) Andrea’s mode of podcasting is chill, funny, irreverent, and she just asks you questions about the absurdities of being a parent, James Lipton-style, which brings out some funny moments.

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