Super Simple Dinner Ideas for Nights When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Grab your free download of all my favorite go-to super simple dinner ideas!

I see you, busy mama.

You gotta get dinner on the table tonight, and fast- but the last thing you feel like doing is digging up a recipe to do so, especially if you’ve got kids hanging off of you while you’re trying to cook.

The problem with most recipes, even the ones you love, is that they require careful attention and following along.

And don’t get me started on “simple” crockpot recipes that you need to have the foresight to prepare ahead of time!

And at the end of a long freaking day, it feels like cooking even something simplet requires too much brain power.

I know this because lady: I’ve been there!

So I created a super simple glance-and-go “cheat sheet” of my favorite easy dinner ideas.

No recipes.

No measurements.

Just 14 ideas, a little inspiration, and dinner on the table- quickly

You know what? Let these handy Dinner Ideas cheat sheet do the thinking tonight. (You’ve earned it!)

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