Get inspired with easy, simple dinner ideas.

I know how it is; sometimes, looking up and following a recipe is just Throwing something together yourself feels more natural, faster, and you can use what you’ve got instead of hunting through your cupboards for the right ingredient.

But that kind of simplicity has its drawbacks; what do you do when your mind is blank!?

You turn to this handy printout, that’s what.

14 easy, quick meal ideas. No recipes to follow along with. No rules. Just ideas, customizable for your own kitchen.

Here are just some of the ideas you’ll find on this handy sheet:


Want to know the best part?

It’s a totally FREE download!

I truly want to help busy people just like me. I know the pain of the 4 o’clock panic (“Crap! What’s for dinner??”)

Ever found yourself staring into the fridge at 5 pm, belatedly trying to figure out what you’ll make tonight?

If that sounds like you, busy person, then you’ll love this list.

14 proven and tested “no-recipe” dinner ideas to get your creative juices flowing on those busy, hungry evenings. 

No measurements, no long ingredients lists, no twelve-step method to follow along. Just short, simple meal ideas to inspire you.