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You’ve had ‘those’ kinds of days, right? 

The kind of day where it feels like you can’t catch up with yourself.

And dinner still needs to get on the table and the kids still need to get to bed at a reasonable hour and you’re just trying to make it til bedtime.

Listen – every parent is busy. Every parent is trying to make it work the best they can.


Every parent is trying to get dinner on the table within a reasonable amount of time, with a reasonable amount of nutrition, and without spending a fortune in the process.

But it’s city parents who face a slightly different set of circumstances against typical parent struggles.

City parents do it without a car (or by using their sparingly – gotta keep that parking space!), without a washer and dryer in the home (or with a w/d combo that would fit comfortably in a doll’s house), often without family nearby, and in a small home with an even tinier kitchen, to boot.

It’s hard. And awesome, and fun, and an adventure, all at the same time.

Percolate Kitchen readers are these people. We’re city parents, trying to make it work, and get dinner on the table without losing our minds tonight.

Welcome to a community of stressed, city-living parents who are conquering kitchen overwhelm and finding that it creates the space for joy in their lives.

Sound like you? Then: welcome.

We’re your people. 

The Percolate Kitchen newsletter comes out once a week and it’s chock-a-block full of resources that help any time-strapped parent, the city-living ones in particular.

There’s easy family-friendly weeknight dinner ideas, meal planning tips, grocery lists you can just plug right into your Fresh Direct order, ideas for take-along work lunches, packed lunches for kids, recipe videos, kitchen hacks, funny foodie articles from the past week, food discounts and deals, exciting new meal kit deliveries that take the work out your meal planning, and more.

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