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from Percolate: the recipe newsletter for busy people

We'd all love more time to cook.

But sometimes, it's just not possible to fit more time into a busy day!

I'm a busy freelancing mom with a husband who works long hours and two small kids at home. While I love to cook, I don't always have a lot of time to prepare the kind of food I wish I could. Nor do I have an extra set of hands to entertain my kids while I do!

What's more, every time I spoke with other parents, they would often mention similar struggles. I began to realize how my situation was not unique; So many others also wished they had more time to get fresh, homemade meals on the table, but felt stretched too thin to do so consistently.

I'm a recipe developer by trade, so I had the knowledge and resources to start creating quick, flavorful meals that I could get on the table fast. I started spending nights after my kids' bedtime honing my mad meal planning skillz, and after a while I had developed a system that:

•reduced waste in my kitchen,

•lightened my overall workload,

•and cut down on grocery bills at the same time.

Once my system started working, I felt like I'd won a gold medal in the Mom Olympics!

Eventually I created Percolate, the recipe newsletter for busy people. This way I could share my recipes and, later, my meal planning tricks to others who also felt constantly pressed for time.

Percolate is delivered straight to your inbox every Saturday morning, and each issue features:

►one fresh, new recipe that doesn't take ages to prepare (your kids might even love it!)

►meal planning tips

►kitchen hacks to free up your time even more

►exclusive content, including recipes and info from my upcoming ebook

►cool foodie links so you can stay in the food-world know

►how-to's, guides, tutorial videos... all to get you seriously on top of your game in the kitchen

►and more!

Basically, I do the work so you don't have to. Because we're all in this together, amiright?

Join Percolate today!

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