Podcast Recap: Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show

15 February, 2019

I had the immense pleasure recently to be a guest on The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Podcast with host Jenni, who is hands down one of the sweetest ladies I have ever hung out with!

Once we got on the phone, we wound up spending so much time chatting about New York versus Alaska (where she lives) that we had to interrupt ourselves to actually hit ‘record’ for the podcast.

She’s so sweet and warm and easy to talk to, and everytime I listen to her show I feel like I’m hanging out on a couch with her at a playdate, coffee in hand, feeling super relaxed and open.

Jenni is all about helping mamas, especially those in postpartum, feel confident, in control, and taking care of themselves and their families- things that I also am ALL ABOUT.

I say it over and over again- it’s important for us to give ourselves grace in the kitchen, in our homes, and especially as working parents.

Click the image below to go to Jenni’s site and hear the podcast! (Or click here if the image won’t connect)

You can also listen on iTunes.

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