A week's worth of dump-and-cook dinners, prepped in an hour.

dinner, done.

Imagine how refreshing it will feel to just reach inside your fridge or freezer, pull out a prepped meal, and drop it into your slow cooker, Instant Pot, sheet pan, or stovetop pan... and walk away.

Prep Sesh is not just your average run-of-the-mill meal plan. Instead, each plan shows you the quickest way to prep a week's worth of mostly dump-and-cook dinners in under an hour.

You might not know what's coming next in 2020. But at least you'll know what's for dinner!

Salsa Verde Chicken Bake Prep Pack

“It feels SO good to not have to worry about dinner for a whole week or more!”

-Shannon, work-at-home mom

Are You Ready To....

🤍Stop thinking, “What’s for dinner this week?”

🤍Walk into the kitchen at 5:30pm and know you just have to open a container or bag to get dinner ready

🤍Save up to $125 every week on your groceries

🤍Serve your family recipes they’ll love

🤍Realize you do NOT need to be cooking dinner every night just to get a homecooked meal

...Then you're ready to join Prep Sesh!

Meet Ruthy, your friendly neighborhood meal prep obsessive

I’m Ruthy, working mom of 2, cooking instructor, recipe developer, and author of two quick-recipe cookbooks, The Healthy Sheet Pan Cookbook and Easy Dinner Sheet Pan Cookbook (coming Nov 2020)

Weeknights, I’m the one cooking dinner on solo parent duty before my husband gets home. I’m the one playing zone defense against the kids while trying to chop vegetables and watch hot pans and simultaneously helping with homework and breaking up sibling fights….

If you’ve been there, you know how exhausting it is!

I realized that every time I prepped ingredients in advance of that crush of time before dinner got on the table, it was a LOT easier to make it through to bedtime with my sanity in tact.

So I started assembling list of my favorite dump-and-cook meals where, once the ingredients were quickly prepped ahead of time, the meal could just be dropped into an Instant Pot, slow cooker, sheet pan, or stovetop pot or pan… and I could walk out of the kitchen. I’d walk out of there knowing dinner was on its way, and it wasn’t ME who had to stand there cooking it.


I want this ease of dinner prep for you, too!

Prep Sesh makes meal prep EASY, QUICK, and (best of all) TASTY.

Step 1: Log into your Prep Sesh Account

Step 2: Pick the meal prep plan that sounds best to you

Option include themes such as, “Kid-Friendly”, or “Freezer-Friendly Sides”, or “Sheet Pan Meals”, and more

Step 3:
Use the color-coded shopping list to make your grocery run.

Decide against one of the recipes in the plan? Use the colors to take ingredients off your list!

Step 4: Set aside about an hour or so to prep your meals.

Every recipe includes instructions for making the meal from fresh, prepping it for storage, and how to cook it from its prepped state.

Step 5: On the night you want to cook, choose the meal you’ll be making, drop it into its cooking vessel, and that’s it!


When do we get new Prep Sesh meal plans?


New Prep Sesh meal prep plans come out every Wednesday morning. They’ll be available in your Members area of your Account, and you’ll also get a copy sent to your inbox. 

What’s included in each meal prep plan?

Every Prep Sesh meal prep plan includes:
🤍Recipe breakdown sheet. This is a 4 to 5 page document, in PDF, that includes a picture of the recipe, ingredients and instructions for making the recipe from fresh, instructions for prepping the recipe, how to store it safely in the freezer or the fridge, and how to cook it once it’s been prepped and stored.

🤍Color-coded Shopping List. The recipes in every plan are divided by color on the shopping list, so if you’ve decided to skip a recipe this week, it’s super easy to just drop those ingredients from your list.

What if I don’t like the recipes?

7 day trials are available for those who are curious but don’t want to commit just yet. Once that first week has passed, no refunds will be admitted; you can change your renewal terms at any time in your account. 

I’ve got such a tiny freezer/prep space/fridge/storage!

That’s the beauty of these plans- you don’t need a huge amount of freezer safe to store these recipes! We go on a weekly basis, so you’re just taking care of one week at a time. If you want to make more, you have that option- but the Prep Sesh plans are broken down into weekly prep plans only. 

Are calorie and macros counts included in the recipes?

No, they’re not. 

Do I only get access to one plan at a time?

No, you get all of them! Once you’re a Member, you’ll have access to every single Prep Sesh plan that’s been made available so far. So the longer you’re a member, the more you’ll have to choose from!