500W 2.8L 2 Speed Food Chopper


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This is the most simple and practical electric product at your service. High and low modes of operation allow you to handle food better. The meat grinder is mainly used for family kitchen, where you are producing minced meat to make delicious foods. It features fashionable design and powerful function. Therefore, the electric meat grinder is both simple and practical. With the light weight and portable, it is easy to use. I think you will love to use the electric meat grinder. More convenience provided to you! Now, it is necessary for our daily life.

1. Be made of high quality material, harmless and safe
2. Smart design, easy operation, convenient cleaning
3. Low power consumption and energy saving
4. It is a necessary kitchen utensil
5. Brand new and high quality
6. Copper motor & temperature protection
7. 2.8L 304 stainless steel mixing cup
8. Stainless steel head

1. Capacity: 2.8L
2. Material: Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic
3. Voltage: 120V
4. Plug Type: US Standard
5. Power: 500W
6. Operating Mode:High and Low
7. Dimensions: (9.45 x 7.68 x 11.61)” / (24*19.5*29.5)cm (L x W x H)
8. Weight: 3.09bls / 1400g
9. Color: Silver & Black

Package Includes:
1 x Meat Grinder Head
1 x Stainless Steel Cup
2 x Blades(With Knife Cover)
1 x Transparent Cover
1 x Anti-skid Pad
1 x Scraper
1 x Manual

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