Prep School Pack


Ready to dive face-first into meal prepping? Grab the Prep School Pack, filled with everything need to get you on your feet as a meal prepper.

Each pack comes with: 

  • 1 food-grade silicone reusable bag, to store your prepped meal
  • 1 dry erase marker for easy labeling
  • 1 baggy rack, for propping open your reusable bag (and filling it with ingredients super easy)
  • 1 canvas tote bag
  • 1 Prep School Ready Pack, filled with recipes, prep instructions, thawing and storage tips, color-coded grocery lists, and everything you need to get your prep sesh kicked off
  • 1 FREE month of Prep Sesh Membership

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  1. Sarah Jones

    As a full-time working doctor, I have very little time and energy at the end of the day to spend in the kitchen. After years of eating frozen meals and takeouts, I was finally ready to start meal prep for my family, but i had no idea where to start! That’s when a friend suggested me the Percolate Kitchen Prep School pack, and it has been a true life saver! The guide is filled with easy to follow recipes, and it covers all the important aspects of meal preps that can teach even complete beginners like me. The prep pack tells the complete grocery list, and it even color codes it by recipe so you know what ingredient you need at each step. The recipes are easy, family friendly, and totally loved by my family. I’m specially grateful for the packing and storage instructions, as i had no idea how to store the prepared meals. The Prep school pack had made my life so much easier, and the evening meal hardly takes me 10 minutes to prepare and warm up now! It comes complete with a reusable silicon bag, a stand, and a canvas tote bag so you have everything you need!

  2. Catherine M

    A real lifesaver for all working parents! With all the essentials included in the Prep School Pack, this is a wonderful starter kit for those new to meal prepping. The pack has got you covered from the ready-to-cook prep plan to easy-to-follow recipes guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers. I have to give a special mention to the Swedish Meatballs and Spaghetti Pie as they were devoured by my little ones. Needless to say, the quality and variety of the recipes are family-friendly and kid-approved. Percolate Kitchen’s original recipes are fast becoming fan-favourite classics in our household. The guide also offers you tips and tricks in the kitchen to make meal prepping a breeze. Personally, I find it challenging to stay organised in the kitchen so I especially love the idea of a color-coded grocery list to help me stay on top of things. The dry erase maker is also genius for all your labelling needs. With the start of the new school year, the Prep School Pack has made a huge difference in helping me provide home-cooked meals for the whole family to enjoy. A total game changer for all working parents, I highly recommend it to all my fellow busybodies seeking a better work and home life balance. With the Prep School Pack, you no longer have to dread meal planning and grocery shopping for your family. It turns out you really can do it all, at work and in the home. Plus, the Prep School Pack now includes a 1-month Prep Sesh membership, bonus! It goes without saying, Percolate Kitchen has a special place in our hearts (and bellies!).

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