Weeknight Solutions for Working Parents

In this free online course, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to set up your Evernote account to create a meal plan that can be done every week in just 5 minutes- really! 

This easy to follow, no-b.s., info-packed online course walks you through my proven 3-step formula to removing stress and overwhelm from your weeknight kitchen. 

The course teachs via a combination of audio files, worksheets, and videos, so you can learn on-the-go, at whatver pace you need. Begin seeing results almost immediately, including easy recipes, simple meal plan formulas, and more. 

Mommin' on a weeknight ain't easy. In this simple, straight-talking ebook, I break down the 5 'tenants' of weeknight dinners, and show you can easily implement them in your own home for maximum results. 

I'll cover simplifying your grocery budget, meal planning in a snap, meal prepping (even when you feel like you have zero time to do so), dealing with picky eaters, and more. 

My favorite meal planning platform, I can't recommend The Dinner Daily high enough! 

They take your personal preferences of meals, budget, and local grocery store- and then they develop weekly meal plans around your local store's coupons and deals. With one click ordering, plsu the ability to use their services for party planning and batch cooking, it's an affordable option with great customer service.  

Once A Month Meals is a batch-cooking meal planning platform that helps create menus and meal plans you use so you can simply cook once, eating multiple times! 

Their platform has a multitude of training tutorials, video cook-a-longs, thousands of recipes, labels, grocery lists, and more.