Short & Sweet Kitchen Tips Video Series

Short & Sweet Kitchen Tips

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'What's Your Meal Plan Type?'

'What's Your Meal Plan Type?' Masterclass

Just like your star sign or personality type, your 'meal plan type' says a lot about you. What's more, once you learn your type, you can figure out how to meal plan faster, easier, within budget, and with less hassle! I'll show you how. 

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3 Ninja Sheet Pan Secrets

After developing hundreds of recipes and one best-selling cookbook later (The Healthy Sheet Pan Cookbook), I'm spilling the tea on all my fave tricks, tips, and secrets to getting the most out of your sheet pan cooking - and how busy parents can utilize this simple kitchen item for maximum flavor and time-saving recipes. 

3 Meal Planning Tricks for When You're New to the Game

Wanna get ahead of the game when it comes to meal planning, even if you're super new at it? I'm sharing my favorite newbie-meal-planner tips so you can get right to work creating easy, budget-friendly, family-loving meal plans.

Three 15-Minute Dinners You Can Make TONIGHT

(coming soon!) I'm sharing my super quick, super tasty, kid-friendly dinners that win at the weeknight dinner game every.single.time. What's even better? You've probably got the ingredients so these meals in your kitchen RIGHT NOW!