Slow Cooker No Soak Rosemary Black Beans

This slow cooker rosemary black bean recipe means I don’t have to remember to soak my beans the night before they cook!

I mean, I don’t know about you, but do you EVER remember? Even when I’m writing my meal plan, I’ll add in big letters ‘SOAK BEANS’ and I still forget.

I would love to blame this on the fact my brain is now fried after having children but if I’m being honest, I never remembered to soak beans before kids came along, either.

This leaves me purchasing more cans of black beans than I care to admit, but in the effort to lower our families’ salt intake, ditching the canned black beans is a good idea. And dried black beans are way cheaper than canned, pound for pound, so by using dried beans, I’ll be saving us cash in the process.

That is, until I forget to soak the beans.

I NEVER remember to soak black beans before I cook them! This recipe is so helpful, since I can just throw them in a crockpot with no soak and still get easy black beans that taste yummy. God bless the slow cooker, lol. Great pin!

Enter the slow cooker, God’s gift to the busy person. No soak beans, coming right up!

With a slow cooker, I can toss in my dried black beans, add broth and seasoning, and set it and forget it. Four hours later, I’ve got a batch of creamy, flavorful, just-right black beans. With no extra sodium and no overnight soak!

I mean come on. I heart my crockpot for many things, but when the ol’ trusty slow cooker saves me time, like with this recipe, I heart it even more.

This recipe brings the warm flavors of rosemary into play, which goes so well with black beans. There’s just a little cumin for kick, and the entire pot is cooked down with chicken broth. Feel free to substitute vegetable broth if you’re going vegetarian!

I love these beans in tacos, quesadillas, and any dish that’s Mexican inspired. I think they’ll be great made into refried beans, too, so I plan on trying them out in this beloved recipe soon.

The possibilities are endless, actually. Thank goodness for the slow cooker!

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