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Dealing With Different Diets at Dinnertime [5 min]

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Dealing With Different Diets at Dinnertime

There comes a time in many a family’s journey when they realize that, for them, meal planning is way harder than just selecting recipes and buying the ingredients and cooking the meal. Say you’re a mom working full-time out of the home and your husband works even more than you do (which means you cook the majority of meals) and he has to go gluten-free to clear up some health issues. And your kids will only eat breaded things. And your three-year-old is allergic to dairy.  

Meal planning for a family that all have different dietary needs is a whole different kettle of fish as far as meal planning is concerned. If you’re not 100% confident in your meal planning game, it can feel overwhelming and mega stressful. 

I’ve planned for a number of different diets in my past and I wanted to fill you in on a few tips and tricks that help with meal planning. 

Number 1: Don’t go it alone. 

Meal planning services are often as low-cost as $5 a month and with a little tweaking, you can find a service that helps plan meals for your entire family with only the click of a mouse. I covered these a little more in depth in the Meal Planning Service Breakdown, but many of those meal planning services really cater to families that need not just the burden of meal planning itself taken off their plates, but the help in creating a meal plan that works for every palate. 

Number 2: Find the overlap. 

This takes a little more work, and it’s where a meal planning service can really shine. When I say the ‘overlap’, what I mean is look for the recipes that have similar ingredients where you can swap some things out and use replacements for others. By this I mean, spaghetti bolognese can be served with rice (or gluten-free pasta) for some members of the family.

A great way to help find recipes that cater to specific dietary needs is to use recipe databases that let you search via filters. Most do this, but some are really huge databases, and it can be fun and helpful to narrow your search down! 


AllRecipes Dinner Spinner  (check out the video below for a more in-depth video on how the Dinner Spinner works)

Yummly (Great, customizable recipe search engine)

Number 3: Meal prep your heart out

Meal prep is going to be your friend when cooking for a number of different diets and preferences because it makes it easier to “throw” something together on the night of. Review the meal prep section of this module to get some ideas about incorporating meal prep seamlessly into your week. 

Meal prepping makes the next tip handier…

Number 4: Swap just the sides 

When you can’t find the overlap or you don’t feel like making two types of pasta for one bolognese sauce, swap the sides to bulk up meals for those with dietary preferences. Make meals that have swappable parts, and then make it available for everyone to swap in their needs. 

Here’s a list of website roundups that offer “swappable” item ideas: 

The Bewitchin’ Kitchen Ingredient Swaps 

Eat This Not That Healthy Baking Swaps 

The Greatist 67 Ingredient Substitutions

That’s it for Dealing with Different Diets at Dinnertime! If you’ve got more questions about this topic, make sure to leave them in the Facebook group, or hit me up directly via email.