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1. Here’s What You’ll Learn
2. 8 Types of Meal Plans
3. Dealing with Different Diets at Mealtime
4. Creating a Meal Prep Structure
5. Meal Prep Equipment
6. Meal Plan Services and Databases
7. The 5 Minute Meal Plan
8. How to Share Saved Notes in Evernote
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #1
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #2
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #3
1. Here’s What You’ll Learn
2. Instant Pot 101: Common Issues and Troubleshooting
3. Sheet Pan Meals
4. Crockpot and Stovetop Meals
[BONUS] 80 One-Pot and One-Pan Recipes
1. Freezer Meals Breakdown
2. Batch Cooking for Freezer Meals
3. Freezer Meal Kits
4. Safe Thawing Practices
5. Pantry Meals
[BONUS] 30 Freezer Meal Kits
[BONUS] 200 Freezer-Friendly Meals
[BONUS] 35 Pantry Meals

[Step 1] Here's What You'll Learn

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Step 1 Outline

In different stages or season of your busy parent life, you may find that what you used to do for planning, prepping, and cooking is no longer working. That's when we adjust by seeking, learning, and applying new techniques! 

Below is what you’ll find in Step 1, Meal Planning and Prep. You can choose to go through each part piece by piece or skip to what you need to know right now!

  • 8 Types of Meal Plans with how each one works,  who it is best for, as well as useful supporting documents like Batch Cooking Breakdown!

  • Dealing With Different Diets At Dinnertime and 4 tips on how to not cook 4 different meals for your family. You’ll also find additional resources for reputable sites with ingredient substitutions and baking swaps. 

  • Creating A Meal Prep Structure shares how to complete this task when you have zero time in your day. This provides step by step instructions and an example that you can repurpose in your own kitchen!

  • Meal Prep Equipment offers tried and true grocery shopping apps and services to help support you in getting meals on the table. In addition, you can snag great tools right off of Amazon that get rave reviews from me!

  • Meal Plan Services and Databases is a list of trusted additional paid programs that I have incorporated into my own meal planning. I am definitely not SuperWoman and why recreate the wheel when there are perfectly good supplements to my personal course that you might find as helpful as I do! 

  • The 5 Minute Meal Plan is the process I use with Evernote, the cloud-based note-taking app, to make my meal planning super streamlined and incredibly quick. I'll walk you through setting up your Evernote step-by-step, and show you how to add in all your recipes (like, ALL your recipes- from Pinterest to magazine clippings to your grandma's recipe cards) so that you can make a super quick meal plan, too. 

Ready? Let's get started!