Welcome to Uncomplicated Kitchen!

1. Why You’re Here
2. Here’ How This Works
1. Quick Start Guide (fill-in-the-blank)
2. The UK Roadmap (fill-in-the-blank)
3. Percolate Kitchen Resource Library
4. COUPON: 1 free month in Prep Sesh
1. Here’s What You’ll Learn
2. 8 Types of Meal Plans
3. Dealing with Different Diets at Mealtime
4. Creating a Meal Prep Structure
5. Meal Prep Equipment
6. Meal Plan Services and Databases
7. The 5 Minute Meal Plan
8. How to Share Saved Notes in Evernote
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #1
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #2
[BONUS] Done For You Meal Plan #3
1. Here’s What You’ll Learn
2. Instant Pot 101: Common Issues and Troubleshooting
3. Sheet Pan Meals
4. Crockpot and Stovetop Meals
[BONUS] 80 One-Pot and One-Pan Recipes
1. Freezer Meals Breakdown
2. Batch Cooking for Freezer Meals
3. Freezer Meal Kits
4. Safe Thawing Practices
5. Pantry Meals
[BONUS] 30 Freezer Meal Kits
[BONUS] 200 Freezer-Friendly Meals
[BONUS] 35 Pantry Meals

Intro #2: Here's How This Works [6 min]

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Uncomplicated Kitchen is laid out in a series of what I call the Three Steps.

First, you’ll nail a handful of one-pot and one pan recipes you can use as your ‘kitchen arsenal”. These are simple, easy-to-follow recipes and recipe styles that you can turn to on your busiest nights so you can always get a quick dinner on the table.

Next, once you feel comfortable with the one-pot recipes, you’ll move onto figuring out how to put them together in a meal plan. This is the meatiest section of the course! I’ll show you not just how to meal plan but how to make it simple and streamlined and useful in a way that works with YOUR family, with your own particular needs, schedules, and habits. That’s where the real beauty of Uncomplicated Kitchen lies. I’m not just showing you how to do things, but I’m helping you figure out ways to operate that work best for YOU, in your own situation. Because we’re all different, and we all work in different ways. The tricky part is figuring out your own special sauce- especially when you’re already juggling a thousand things in the rest of your life. So I’ll break down for you, so it feels natural and easy. Because that’s why we’re here, right?

After you’ve got your one-pot and one pan meals laid into a meal plan that works for you, we’ll move onto step three- and that’s adding in a backup plan. It’s inevitable that things won’t ALWAYS go as planned. You may get sick, or you can’t get groceries home on time, or your schedule changes last minute. I’ll walk you through putting backup measures in place via pantry meals and freezer meals so that you can always get dinner covered, even when everything else is falling apart!

Ok, so now that I’ve laid down the outline of the three-step formula, we’ll get into the actual resources I’ve created for you to keep on hand.

First up, I’ve included a section in the dashboard called “Tools”. Think of this section as a workbook or a guide to using alongside the course.

The “Tools” section consists mainly of PDF worksheets, outlines, and templates that will help guide you through the sections of the course. I’ve bundled them all together here so you can print them off if you’d like to, but they are also referred to in each section of Uncomplicated Kitchen, so you can always just print off and use whatever you’re in need of at that moment.

Your first stop here should be the Quick Start Guide. This is a 2-sheet printout you can use to fill out your current issues, problems, ideas, and needs. It gets you comfortable with where you’re starting from as well as becomes your own personal resource along the way to list favorite recipes, tips, and ideas.

I’ve included big fat recipe lists and done-for-you meal plans in the “Tools” section as well. Whenever you need that jump start of creativity or inspiration, or you just need to fall back on a proven plan for those nights or weeks when you’re too tired to think, this is your best resource!

After ‘Tools’, you’ll see a print-out labeled “Roadmap”. This is just a fun little fill-in-the-blank chart you can use. If you’re a highly visual person, or you like marking steps down as you’ve done them, this is just a cute addition you can use as you work through the steps. You don’t HAVE to do all of Uncomplicated Kitchen in chronological order, the way this map is laid out. Feel free to skip ahead, go back a few steps, or do whatever comes easiest to you!

The last thing I want you to be aware of is that Uncomplicated Kitchen is laid out in three formats, so you can use it in whichever way is easiest for you: by reading, by watching, or via audio. Every section is a PDF format, an accompanying video, and an audio file. Listen in on your way to work in the morning, read the next section on your lunch break, and watch the next section that night after the kids have gone to bed. It fits seamlessly into your life so you can always pick up where you left off.

Other than that, you’ve got access to ME whenever you need it! Feel free to drop me a line via email, or by direct message on Facebook or Instagram. I’m constantly looking for ways to clarify this message and update with current resources that help get you where you feel the MOST confident in the kitchen. So feel free to reach out, always!

That’s it for this section- I’ll see you inside!