If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or like, life, you’ve probably heard me touting my new membership group Uncomplicated Kitchen.


And I know, I know, every day you’re inundated with things to buy and join and buy, everywhere you go. But Uncomplicated Kitchen is different. Today I want to tell you how – and why – if you’re a working parent, you’ll want to join, stat.

First things first: The quick & dirty lowdown. Uncomplicated Kitchen is a small-group membership site launching in mid-September, 2018 (right after kids start school). Right now, it costs $39 $43 $55 to join for the first 90 days.

Throughout that 90 days, you’ll have access to a “roadmap” of sorts that will take you from a hot mess on a weeknight to cool, calm, and somewhat collected. We’ll use expert interviews, recipe cook-a-longs, tutorials, cheat sheets, challenges, and more.

I say “somewhat” cool, calm and collected because come on. We’re parents. And nobody’s perfect.

But Uncomplicated Kitchen is the perfect first step to getting your ‘ish together on a weeknight. Members can partake in weekly challenges, tutorials, recipe cook-a-longs, expert interviews, and have the option to get a members-only subscription box filled with useful things for working parents.

Each of the three months will focus on a particular “topic”, and work will be gathered around that theme.

These topics are Sheet Pan/One Pan Meals, my 5 Minute Meal Plan System, and Freezer Meals.

Here’s more of a breakdown of the benefits of the membership site:

Tutorials and Cook-a-longs

Together, we’ll break down recipes and make them alongside each other – or you can just watch, whichever is easiest- so you can get comfortable with a roster of simple, easy-to-make recipes you can keep in your back pocket for busy nights.

Expert Speakers

I’m still nailing down interviews, but I’ll have experts in chatting about how they approach the topics we’re covering. Got an idea for someone you’d love to hear from, or an author you just read? Hit me up and I’ll try to get them booked!

Weekly/Monthly Challenges

This is a big part of the “How” of the group. Running through a challenge with others keeps you accountable, makes things fun and interesting, and you can see in real-time how others do at the same tasks as you, and gain inspiration or wisdom from their mistakes and wins.

Members-Only Subscription Box

This is separate from your initial payment, but it’s one of the items in the membership that I’m most excited about! The subscription box will focus on the things truly helpful to the group and cover what we’re learning: so, for example, we’ll have items that help make better sheet pan dinners. Items that are useful for getting freezer meals made. Things that help make your meal planning go faster.

I’ll have more of a sneak peek at the box and its items once we’re closer to the launch date.

Community and Collaboration

This is the heartbeat of the membership site group, and the reason I think you’ll love it inside the most. You’ll be a part of a tribe of other parents who are going through the same steps you are. This isn’t like a typical e-course where you’re given access to a bunch of tutorials and then sent on your merry way. This is done within a community aspect, so you can talk to other people, connect, even find who’s close by to you and meet up in real life.

Because it takes a village, you know?

Me (Ruthy 🙋)

I mean, not to toot my own horn, but…. Beep! I’ve been honing my skills at organization and meal planning for almost 20 years now. I’ve run professional kitchens, balanced food budgets and inventory, have a culinary degree, and can create a recipe from nothing.

I know how to work with specific personalities, schedules, abilities, and constraints in order to help people figure out their own best path to success. I’ve been to the brink where we were broke, always running out of food due to poor planning, overwhelmed at the aspect of getting dinner on the table every single night for my family – and I relied on my skills to set up systems and routines to make my nights easier, run smoother, and my mind less cluttered.

I can help you do the same in your own home!

Uncomplicated Kitchen is a special place, and I really hope you’ll join me on the inside! Watch this space for more details and sneak peeks inside the system- I’m currently uploading everything into the new platform and am stoked to show you guys what it looks like when it’s all put together.

If you’re not on the mailing list, hop on! I’ll be sending out updates over the next few months as everything is put together, plus announcing the expert speakers, some pre-membership workshops that are free for anyone to join (so you can get a taste of my teaching style) and more.

Here's Why You Should Join Uncomplicated Kitchen, the Membership Site for Working Parents
Here's Why You Should Join Uncomplicated Kitchen, the Membership Site for Working Parents

Here's Why You Should Join Uncomplicated Kitchen, the Membership Site for Working Parents