What Kind Of Meal Planner Are You? QUIZ

What kind of meal planner are you!? Take this quiz to find out!

Each answer has a number attached. Make a note of each number you receive, then add them at the end to get your customized solution!

1. When you walk into your kitchen at the end of a workday and start getting dinner on the table, you feel:

  • (1 point) Overwhelmed and wondering if you can get away with ordering takeout or throwing a frozen pizza in the oven…. again.
  • (2 points)  Dreading the cooking process to include all the ingredients you bought at the start of the week
  • (3 points) Not in the mood for the awesome recipe you planned to make earlier, so you start cooking something different with the ingredients you have on hand
  • (4 points) Like you got this. Your ingredients are prepped and ready to go, and you feel confident you’ll have dinner on the table soon (and that everyone will actually want to eat it without a fight!)

2. The term “meal prep” to you means…

  • (1 point) Uh, something bodybuilders do?
  • (2 points)  That thing you know you should do, but you don’t always have the time for.
  • (3 points) A half hour of ingredient prep time that you squeeze in on the weekends or after the kids have gone to bed. Sometimes you don’t get the chance to squeeze it in, but you feel soooo much more organized after you do!
  • (4 points) Your Sunday afternoon kitchen date with yourself- and you never miss it.

3. When you plan your meals for the week, the plan looks a little like….

  • (1 point) Your….. brain? Like, I just try to remember what we’re supposed to eat?
  • (2 points)  A quick scratch on a post-it note or a half-written list on the magnetic notepad on your fridge
  • (3 points) When you get the chance, you write it on an actual meal plan calendar thing you have. Sometimes you don’t get the chance to write it down that week, and when you do you just wing it, but for the most part it’s written down and loosely followed.
  • (4 points) Beautifully color-coded, hanging in a prominent place in your kitchen, and basically a bible of what your family will be eating that week.

4. What does your freezer currently contain?

  • (1 point) The essentials: ice cream and pizza. And…. maybe half-wrapped bags of fruit. Or is that actually freezer burned chicken breast? I can’t tell.
  • (2 points)  A few containers of soup you made extra of over the winter…. of 2016. It’s still good, right?
  • (3 points) A few bags of frozen fruit for smoothies, a couple extra containers of lasagna, soup, etc stashed for busy nights, plus whatever protein was on sale last week that you stocked up on.
  • (4 points) Everything is organized by type, including soups, meals, ingredients, child-friendly, and extra meat from the cow you go halfsies on with your girlfriends each year. You keep an updated list on the front of the freezer so you always know where you’re at.

5. Quick! You forgot about the potluck you promised you’d bring a dish to and you only have 20 minutes before you need to be there. What do you bring?

  • (1 point) a half-open bottle of wine and whatever snacks your kids haven’t demolished from the fridge (cheese sticks and goldfish crackers are universally loved!)
  • (2 points)  You throw together a quick salad with whatever you have on hand in your crisper drawer in the fridge.
  • (3 points) You blend together a quick hummus in the food processor and pick up pre-cut vegetables on your way there.
  • (4 points) Who forgets potluck plans!? You made a lasagna this morning and have garlic bread already in the oven.

You made it! That’s the end of the quiz!

Now, tally up your results and click the buttons below to see what kind of meal planner you are!